Custom MCU Figure – Wenwu (“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”)

Hi world! I have created a custom figure of the true MCU Mandarin – Wenwu from “Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings”. [Warning – Spoiler alert!]

Xu Wenwu was a legendary and nearly mythical figure, who rose to power over a thousand years ago after he discovered a set of ten mysterious rings which gifted him with immense power and immortality. Wenwu used this power to become a warlord and founded an army known as the Ten Rings. Throughout history the Ten Rings would conquer kingdoms and topple governments. By the 21st Century the Ten Rings had evolved into a clandestine organization involved in terrorist activities across the globe. Never truly satisfied with the power he had amassed, Wenwu’s long-held desire to conquer the mythical village of Ta Lo will lead him to a fateful reunion with his estranged son Shang-Chi.

Head – Custom cast head from luck-market on eBay
Torso, upper arms, legs – Neo-Viper (v9) from “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra”
Forearms – Dr. Ian Malcolm from “Jurassic Park”
Waist, skirt – G.I. Joe Serpentor (v4)
Loincloth – Cut from the skirt of Rene Belloq from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
Hook sword – G.I. Joe Storm Shadow (v37)

While going through my leftover custom fodders, I realized that I already had most of the parts to create a custom Wenwu, all I needed was a suitable 1/18 scale head of Tony Leung. And I was able to find one on sale on eBay. I am assuming that some time back a figure of Tony Leung based on his character in “Infernal Affairs” was made, and as such the cast head of Tony Leung became available when either the original sculptors started their own business or some other enterprising sculptors replicated the design for sale.

The torso was glued to the waist which was designed to hold the skirt. Epoxy was used to sculpt additional armor on the torso. The rings around the forearms are thin masking tape painted with metallic blue. Black gloves were painted onto the hands. As a sidenote, the Marvel Legends Wenwu figure is missing his black gloves. (And that’s probably because Hasbro based its design on some initial concept art which was not the final version as seen onscreen.)

Left: Wenwu had been referred to by many names throughout history, including “The Mandarin”.
Middle: Trevor Slattery was an actor hired by A.I.M. to pose as the “Mandarin” claiming responsibility for terrorist acts supposedly committed by the Ten Rings.
Right: Aldrich Killian claimed that he was the “Mandarin” while fighting against Tony Stark.

Nope, Wenwu doesn’t use the hook sword in the movie either.

Wenwu and a couple of Ten Rings goons. [I’m using comic book Hand Ninjas as stand-ins for this post.]

Just one more:

Trevor: “I’m an ACTOR !!!”