Showcase Documentary Series: Digging for the Truth

I want to showcase “Digging for the Truth”, a documentary series now showing on the History Channel, with Season 3 starting on 6th October, Mondays 9pm with repeats through the week.

In each episode of “Digging for the Truth”, the host, Josh Bernstein, goes on location to investigate various ancient mysteries, in an effort to help the TV audience uncover the truths behind each mysteries, or at least gather and compare between all available evidence and come up with the most probable explanations to the mysteries, and allowing the viewers to judge for themselves which explanation to believe. Among the mysteries DFT has investigated include the Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Nazca Lines, and the fall of various MesoAmerican civilizations.

Personally, I feel that many of the topics DFT has investigated have a rather Christian-Judeo slant to them, including searching for the Holy Grail, the lost Ark of the Covenant, locating King Solomon’s gold, or finding the Queen of Sheba, just to name a few. An episode even investigated into the claims of the Da Vinci Code, joining among the multitudes of documentaries that have been produced just to disprove the Code. Nevertheless, since various other ancient mysteries from other civilizations are also showcased in DFT, I think that DFT presents a good mix of ancient mysteries from around the world to the curious audience.

Host Josh Bernstein shows his dedication in solving the topics at hand by literally going to the extremes, from climbing all over the place to burrowing his way through narrow tunnels. And Josh wears his cowboy hat while at work, coupled with his ubiquitous sling bag, leading TV audiences to make comparison of him to the famed fictional adventurer-archaeologist Indiana Jones, something that Josh dislikes but the History Channel has actually capitalised on to promote DFT. Josh actually has a double major in anthropology and psychology, and he runs a survival school in Utah.

After hosting DFT for 3 seasons, Josh switched over to the Discovery Channel to host a new TV documentary series, while a new host, Hunter Ellis, a former military pilot now into showbusiness, presented DFT season 4. And DFT has gone downhill ever since, as the new format of show presentation (more action-orientated) and the new host’s lack of charm or tact, failed to capture the imagination of the TV audience. While History Channel has not officially cancelled DFT, no new episodes have been produced since season 4 ended.

So, enjoy “Digging for the Truth” while it airs, catch season 4 when it begins showing, and catch the repeats of season 1 and 2 when they occasionally come on schedule on the History Channel.


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