Showcase – Dilbert comic strip

This is a “Dilbert” comic strip from some years back, one that caught my attention and has held my interest, and I would like to share it with you.


In this issue of “Dilbert”, Asok the intern (who is obviously a Star Trek fan) was duped by a colleague into thinking that a dire emergency has occurred, and that he must crawl his way through a passage and shut down a reactor before it blows up and kill everybody (a fairly common situation in the Star Trek universe). And almost immediately, Asok finds himself stuck in the opening and subject to ridicule by the rest of the office.
I see the last panel as a metaphor of someone being stuck, totally engrossed in someone else’s idea of fantasy, that he or she is unable to discern between fantasy and the real world. And frighteningly, I do see these things happening around me, from people who dump thousands of their money into purchasing whatever Star Wars collectibles that come out, to Lord of the Rings worshippers who envision commonplace occurrance as coming from a page of Tolkien’s mythology. I even know of a friend who thinks “Star Trek” every hour of the day, perhaps even striving to live the life of an emotionless, logical Vulcan to escape from the realities of life in the real world.
Personally, I find there’s nothing wrong in deriving fun from watching some awesome great show, the danger comes when an obsession grows so big that nothing else matters, not even family or friends, money being spent wantonly and without thought on purchasing collectibles, and worst when some fantasy-world thoughts and ideas intrude and strike root into everyday thinking.
So guys, don’t enslave yourselves to anyone’s idea of fantasy, be it Gene Roddenberry’s or George Lucas’. Recognise the distinction between fantasy and the real world, you may find some parallels, but never, ever, mix the two up.

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