Awesome Toy Collection – Aliens vs. Predator

From my awesome toy collection, here are some photos of my Aliens vs. Predator figures:
These are the Aliens from the “Aliens” film series. From left: Gorilla Alien, Snake Alien, Warrior Alien, Scorpion Alien (x2), Flying Alien Queen, Buffalo Alien, and four face-huggers in the front. The Aliens take on the form and abilities of the hosts the face-huggers implant themselves on.
Here are some of the US Marines assigned to deal with the Aliens threat. From left: Drake, Ellen Ripley, and Bishop the Android. In the background is an Alien infiltration suit. Check out the oversized bayonet on Drake’s weapon.
20081031_3predator_maskedThree Predator warriors, also on the hunt for Aliens. The Predators consider the Aliens hunt as a rite of passage.
The Predators unmasked.

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