Awesome Toy Collection – Even more pics

Again, from my awesome toy collection, some more pics I want to share:
It’s the caped crusaders! Batman, and two Robins on his left and right. At the back are the Riddler, Two-face, and Mr. Freeze. Batman and green Robin are both from “Batman Forever”, while the blue Robin comes from “Batman and Robin”.
This is an evil Martian from the movie “Mars Attacks !” The red button on his suit, when pressed, announces “We come in peace!”
From the Marvel Comics universe, this is Warstar, member of the Shi’ar Empire Imperial Guard. Warstar is actually a tag team consisting of two separate beings, B’nee (small light-green guy) and C’cil (big fella).
B’nee emerges from a hidden chamber at the back of C’cil.
20081101_cobrabatThis is my only G.I. Joe figure, a B.A.T. (Battle Android Trooper) from the COBRA faction. The B.A.T.’s right arm is a flamethrower.

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