I rant my Clownface colleague

This is a rantblog I’m making on my office colleague, who has a face that looks like a clown.
Well, frankly speaking, Clownface is a nice, friendly, ok guy. It’s only that his mannerism, the way he speaks, and even his thinking, that makes not only me but several of the other colleagues feel very uncomfortable and even suspicious. For example, Clownface can just start laughing during a conversation, even when there’s nothing humourous about the topic of discussion. In fact, just the other day during lunchtime, when I ordered the same dish as Clownface, Clownface started to smile and laugh. I just smile back out of courtesy, though I think that he is rather crazy.
And when Mr. Clownface laughs, he laughs as though he is about to lose his breath, which sounds real queer.
During conversations, when Clownface expresses his opinion, he makes it sound as though whatever he is criticising is obviously the worst thing that has ever happened, and that how he was knowledgable enough to see that fact. And sometimes, Clownface makes up jokes that are outright stale and falls flat, and may even be insulting to an honourable person. As an example, there was once when a fellow colleague commented that the air-conditioning in the office was cold, Clownface suggested that I start to whistle since the said colleague is about to urinate. I didn’t find that funny.
In the office, Mr. Clownface dresses up in the traditional office suit, not exactly following the current office fashion sense. And perhaps, Clownface is old-fashioned and traditional in his thinking as well. Once, during another conversation, Clownface commented that he thinks office romances is a bad idea. As for me, I thought that society has already evolved such that the idea of an office romance is something acceptable and nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, I won’t let any confining, limiting, non-progressive traditions stand in my way of progress and development.
Here’s another example of Clownface’s obvious obliviousness of his own annoyance: I was going to give a fellow female colleague a gift when Clownface just had to say that I was showing favoritism, at which I replied, "Oh, if I am, then so be it." Can’t he see that I was being friendly towards a girl, or perhaps that is simply something that is too alien for him.
Clownface also shows no dedication to the office or to his work, often bad-mouthing about our supervisors, or commenting how bad the working conditions in the office are, from the long working hours, heavy workload, presence of foreign employees, to being passed-over for training thanks to priority being given to newer employees, who are the foreign employees anyway. And of course, Clownface wouldn’t say all these out loud, being the hypocrite that he is, since he would not like to get into anyone’s bad books.
Oh well, I got no quarrels with Clownface, just annoyance with his very presence, that’s all.

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