Showcase Documentary Series: Into the Unknown

 “Into the Unknown” is a new documentary series now showing on the Discovery Channel, on Mondays 11pm with repeats through the week. The show is hosted by Josh Bernstein, who’s also famous for hosting History Channel’s “Digging for the Truth”. In “Into the Unknown”, Josh investigates some of the world’s greatest mysteries, going to exotic locations and visiting remote cultures, and through his hands-on interaction with the locals and exchanges with various experts, learn about what has been uncovered, and allow the TV audience to gain new insights into the great mysteries, and maybe, possibly, even get some answers.
Host Josh Berstein, using his successful presentation formula from DFT, now co-produces ITU on the Discovery Channel, working with the same production crew,  who have also freelanced over from the History Channel. As a commercial decision, Josh does not wear his cowboy hat on ITU, since the show’s emphasis is on exploration and discovery, and the presence of the cowboy hat had tended to distract from that purpose. As compared to DFT, ITU has less emphasis on history and archaeology when it comes to the topics that it covers, such as learning about elephant behaviour, or investigating whether life on Earth came from Mars.
Several history topics remains featured, such as in the first episode of ITU, where Josh investigated into the lifestyle of the gladiators of Ancient Rome, and in the process uncovered several interesting recent discoveries that would undoubtly separate historical fact from the Hollywood version of gladiators. For example, not all gladiators were low-class slaves, in fact some were actual Roman citizens who have decided to become gladiators so as to pursue fame and fortune, since gladiators were the superstars during Ancient Roman times. In the episode, Josh even donned a gladiator’s outfit and underwent combat training, to experience firsthand how gladiators fought in the arena.
In upcoming episodes, ITU will investigate into the possibility of finding Noah’s Ark, learn why a warrior civilization disappeared in Peru, and uncover the history of a rogue Pharoah in Ancient Egypt, among other topics. For Season 1, ITU has only 8 episodes, as the production crew simply ran out of time to produce more episodes. I look forward to watching the rest of Season 1 as it airs on the Discovery Channel, and I wait with eager anticipation for new episodes of ITU to be produced.

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