Awesome Toy Collection – My MicroMachines Lot

Here are some photos of my awesome MicroMachines collection. MicroMachines are a series of minuature vehicle models, and one reason why I like to collect small MicroMachines models is because I don’t have enough space in my room to keep large starship models !
This is my Star Trek MicroMachines collection. These are minuature models of starships and starbases that were featured in Star Trek episodes and movies.
My Star Wars MicroMachines collection. MicroMachines also produced small figures of Star Wars characters that come with the playsets.
20081117_micromachines_babylon5My Babylon 5 MicroMachines collection. I was only able to get these models, there were six other models that simply never made it to Singapore.
In fact, none of my above collection is complete, as there are some models that were never released in Singapore, which I hope that I would one day come across and acquire. On the other hand, I would not spend a fortune just to collect one small model. I would buy it only if it was selling cheaply enough.

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