Awesome Toy Collection – Some new stuff

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and I have acquired some new figures to add to my awesome toy collection.
20081225_redskullFrom the Marvel Universe, this is Red Skull, former henchman of the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. Having survived the fall of the Third Reich, the Red Skull continues his mission of spreading terror across the globe, escaping death on numerous occasions, and battling with his nemesis, Captain America.
20081225_RonanAccuserAnd again from the Marvel Universe, this is Ronan, Supreme Public Accuser of the Kree Empire. Kree Accusers serve as prosecutors, judges, and executioners throughout the empire, and Ronan the Accuser has clashed with Earth’s heroes many times when the champions of Earth interfered in Kree affairs.
Here’s a couple of add-ons to my Batman figures collection. Featured here is the Riddler in white suit. The Riddler holds an oversized “question mark” cane.
Here’s a comparison between the two Riddler figures that I got. In “Batman Forever”, the Riddler doesn’t actually dress up like the left figure, with that green hat and TV box on his chest. But the Riddler wears the white suit towards the end of the movie.
This is a picture of Mr. Freeze and his henchman Frostbite. Frostbite looks real intimidating with his skull ski mask, and skull shoulder pads. He appears overdressed in his ice hockey padding. As a note, Mr. Freeze does not appear this way in “Batman & Robin”, I should be able to find a more accurate Mr. Freeze soon enough.

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