Birthday Gift – Star Trek Phaser

Last week, my university friends celebrated my birthday with dinner at a Japanese restaurant. We also celebrated the birthday of another one of us, whom I shall refer to as Mr. Vulcan, whose birthday also falls in the month of December. And as a birthday gift, knowing of my awesome collection of Star Trek stuff, Mr. Vulcan bought for me a Star Trek Phaser Pistol.
That’s me with my phaser pistol.
I should say that the phaser pistol looks awesome! The phaser pistol appeared in the “Star Trek” original series from the 1960’s. And this particular replica is produced by Art Asylum. A hand-sized phaser can be separated from the pistol, and when you press the pistol trigger, the pistol emanates the phaser beam sound effect, along with flashing red light on the muzzle. This is real cool!
Phaser Pistol – close-up look
Perhaps the phaser pistol would make an appearance in the upcoming movie “Star Trek”, a remake of the original series, coming soon in mid-2009.

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