Awesome Toy Collection – I’ve been shopping

I’ve been shopping around for action figures, and among one of my rather bad habits is to chase toy waves several years late, meaning that I would suddenly become interested in collecting certain particular figures, only that those figures were released years ago and may be difficult, or even expensive, to track down. In most cases, I would just come across the loose figures on sale, and buy them up cheaply. Especially now that I am earning my own money, I think that I can now afford the collection that I wanted to have years ago.
From the Marvel Universe, this is Super Skrull, a warrior from the Skrull Empire. When Earth’s heroes, the Fantastic Four, thwarted the Skrull Empire’s numerous attempts at conquest of Earth, the Skrulls decided to strike back. Their best warrior was selected, and bionically enhanced with the powers of the Fantastic Four themselves. And thus, Super Skrull was created. He possesses Mr. Fantastic’s stretchability, the Thing’s rock strength, Human Torch’s flame powers, and Invisible Woman’s invisibility, all four powers in one package. Super Skrull is a formidable foe, but the Fantastic Four continues to defeat him in every of their encounters.
This is Modok, another Marvel villian. When a technological terrorist group called AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) decided to create their ultimate computer, one of their agents was subjected to radioactive mutation and bioengineering, transforming him into a massive-headed being with superhuman intellignce and psionic powers. Enraged by his hideous appearance, Modok slayed his creators, and took over control of AIM for himself. Now as the head of AIM, Modok leads the AIM’s attempts at world conquest.
It’s the amazing Swamp Thing! Swamp Thing was originally a Human who was betrayed by his co-workers, and was left for dead in an explosion in the swamp. However, chemicals in the explosions, along with mysterious forces within the swamp, physically transformed him into a vegetable-like creature. He is now Swamp Thing, possessing monstrous strength, and the ability to talk to plants. Swamp Thing now serves as the protector of the environment, defending the swamp against evil business corporations, even as he seeks revenge against those who had attempted to kill him.
From the first “Batman” movie, here on the left is another Joker that I had acquired. Apparently, several versions of Joker from the movie were produced. And this latest Joker that I’ve bought has its face sculpted more to the likeness of Jack Nicholson as compared to the one on the right. The smile is unmistakable. Although in the movie, the Joker wears a more purple outfit than this pinky version.
When the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin needs additional help, they can count on the assistance of Batgirl! In “Batman and Robin”, Batgirl joined forces with Batman and Robin as they battled Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. Batgirl looks real stylo in her costume. Check out those heels.
And what happens when Batman takes a break from his crime-fighting? He becomes Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. This is Bruce Wayne as seen “Batman Forever”, sculpted in the likeness of Val Kilmer. And below is a picture of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman.

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