The next Indiana Jones game – coming soon

Indiana Jones is my favourite hero, he is the famous adventurer-archaeologist who had, in four blockbuster movies and twenty-two TV movies episodes, enthralled the audience with his daring escapades, as he challenges and outwits his opponents so as to recover ancient priceless artifacts, standing on the side of the good and righteous, and preventing the mythical powers from falling into evil hands.
And now, the world waits with eager anticipation for the release of the next Indiana Jones game, “Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings”, currently under development by LucasArts, following from their previous Indy releases “Emperor’s Tomb” and “Infernal Machine”, and wayback to an earlier time “Fate of Atlantis” and also “The Last Crusade” (which was based on the movie of the same name).

According to released trailers and interviews, in “Staff of Kings” Indiana Jones travels the world in pursuit of the mysterious artifact called the Staff of Kings, said to be the staff of Moses and rumoured to possess some unknown power. LucasArts are designing “Staff of Kings” with the use of a revolutionary game engine called Euphoria, which uses real time calculations to ensure that no two repeated actions would be the same, meaning that every punch, kick, or throw that Indy delivers to his enemies would have its unique follow-through movement, and therefore eliminates repetations within the game whereby gamers would complain that all the enemies drop down in nearly the same manner. 

 “Staff of Kings” had been in development for quite some time ever since the first news about it came out in 2006, and there had been a delay when the production crew was reassigned to another Star Wars game utilizing the same Euphoria engine. And when the forth Indiana Jones movie was announced, it was thought that the game may be a tie-in to the movie, or it could be released in time to coincide with the movie’s theatre run. But even as “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” came and went, there had been no further news with regard to the “Staff of Kings” development progress or release dates.
The game’s no show at E3 2008, coupled with the news that several developers for the game had been reassigned to other projects, led to rumours that “Staff of Kings” might have been cancelled, rumours that LucasArts almost immediately addressed with a statement saying that LucasArts remains “absolutely commited to the Indy franchise”. And not long thereafter, a new trailer for the game was released. Surprisingly, this new trailer has brought about even more speculations on the game’s development.
Indy and the Staff of Kings
It was long assumed that “Staff of Kings” was being developed for the next gen game consoles, such as PS3 and Xbox360. Instead, the trailer says that the game is being released for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and an unidentified PlayStation console, probably PSP. There’s no mention of PS3 or Xbox360, which suggests that the Euphoria-enabled PS3/360 version of the game has somehow been scrapped during the game’s development, and that LucasArts is simply going ahead with publishing the game through the 3rd party ports that did not suffer the same production problems, such as Wii, handheld consoles, and quite possibly, even for PS2.
In fact, this sounds good to me, as I only have a PS2 and had thought that I would not be able to play “Staff of Kings” unless I bought a PS3 or Xbox360. And when I checked the official LucasArts website for “Staff of Kings”, I found that the game is indeed being released for PS2. Yay! This is one giant leap backwards, and it’s great news, for me anyway.
Already on several gaming discussion boards, there are rants complaining that “Staff of Kings” graphics would not be as crystal crisp as the previously released screenshots belonging to the PS3/360 version. But I am making no complaints about this since I am more glad that I can get to play the game.

“Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings”, coming Spring 2009, for Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP and PS2. This game has not yet been rated.


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