Awesome Toy Collection – Batman Add-ons!

My search for Batman figures continues, and I’ve made quite a number of finds, surprising even myself.
Err… So who is this guy in black standing next to the Joker? Actually, he’s Bob the Goon, the Joker’s loyal henchman in the movie “Batman”. Frankly speaking, Bob the Goon looks so unremarkable that, had I not been aware that the Joker’s henchman actually got his own action figure, I would probably have not recognised him for who he is. There is a lever at the back of Bob that, when pressed, allows Bob’s right leg to kick some Bat-butt. Bob was being sold as a loose figure, and his original black hat had been lost. So I managed to find for him a replacement hat, painting it black.
 Bob the Goon, with and without hat. The hat is a bit oversized.
Over here, the villianous duo from “Batman Forever” makes their appearance! It is Two-Face and the Riddler. And this time round, the Riddler wears his trademark green suit just the way he appears in the movie.
The icemen cometh! I managed to find a Mr. Freeze which wears the silver armour, which is the way he appears in “Batman and Robin”. Here’s a comparison between the two Mr. Freezes with Arnold’s likeness.
I’ve been looking for this figure for a long time. This is Bane, Batman’s formidable adversary. A chemical called Venom courses through Bane’s blood, giving him superstrength, and increasing his aggression and rage. In “Batman and Robin”, Bane allies himself with Poison Ivy and, together with Mr. Freeze, the trio wrecked untold havoc on Gotham City.

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