Awesome Toy Collection – Batman Begins Here!

Even Batman has a beginning… and the origins of Batman is told in the movie "Batman Begins", whereby here in this blog entry is my collection of action figures from the movie.
Ra’s al Ghul is the leader of the League of Shadows, a group dedicated to countering the decadence and injustices within human society by fighting evil with evil itself.  Ra’s al Ghul is seemingly immortal, and the League has through the ages wrecked devastation upon mankind on numerous occasions, claiming to have caused the fall of Rome, spreading the Black Death, and burning London to the ground. And now the League has set its sight on Gotham City, and only Batman can stand in their way.
Henri Ducard is the person who recruited Bruce Wayne into the League of Shadows. Ducard served as Bruce Wayne’s trainer and mentor, teaching him the martial arts and guiding him to understand the roots of evil and overcome his greatest fears. But Bruce betrays the League when he disagreed with their ruthless methods, and with his new skills he returns to Gotham City to become Batman, the city’s champion. Ducard then reappears in Gotham, reveals himself to be the real Ra’s al Ghul, and once again appealled to Batman to join him in destroying Gotham City. The two will fight to the bitter end.
The Scarecrow is a sadistic psychiatrist who has a morbid fascination with fear. Scarecrow has developed a fear toxin that when sprayed on his victims, induces terrifying levels of fear, causing hallucinations of nightmarish proportions. Scarecrow wears a sack mask with a built-in rebreather apparatus, protecting himself from the toxin’s effects. In "Batman Begins", the Scarecrow allies with Ra’s al Ghul, spreading his fear toxin into Gotham City’s water supply such that the entire population would fall into chaos and mass panic, and cause Gotham City to tear itself apart. On the left is the "straitjacket" Scarecrow figure, while on the right is a repaint variant of the figure, with a more bloody appearance. Pulling the Scarecrow’s right arm would rotate Scarecrow’s head and change the appearance of his mask.
And this is the "trenchcoat" version Scarecrow.
Bruce Wayne in ninja attire, as he undergoes training with the League of Shadows in "Batman Begins".
Bruce Wayne is sculpted in the likeness of Christian Bale.

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