Forest fire right outside my house

Last Wednesday on the 18th of February, when I got home from work at about 7.30pm, I looked outside my window, and saw that there was a forest fire at a distance away. The fire burned for almost one hour before the fire-fighting authorities were able to bring it under control. For your information I stay in the Bukit Batok area.
The weather here had been very hot and sunny, and there had been a rise in forest fires recently. In many cases, the fires could have been accidentally caused by a stray cigarette butt, or even discarded glass pieces which magnified the sunlight to create the fires. Below is a photo of the forest after the fire, the damage visible in the daylight.
You can see that the fire had scorched a portion of the greenery into a brown, dry patch. But I believe that the fire had caused only minimal damage since the trees are still standing, and the affected area should be able to recover quickly and regain back its green lusture.

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