Awesome Toy Collection: Add-ons for Babylon 5 and Batman

Hello world, this is a showcase on some of the figures that I have recently collected:
I have acquired the Babylon 5 figures Ambassador G’Kar, and Ambassador Delenn. This Delenn is the Minbari version, not the Human-Minbari hybrid version.
G’Kar is a representative of the Narn race, a reptilian-like species who had recently overthrown nearly a century of Centauri occupation. G’Kar served as the Narn Ambassador to the space station Babylon 5. Initially G’Kar was a hot-tempered and angry person, often nearly coming to blows with Centauri Ambassador Mollari. Then an event enlightened G’Kar, causing him to become a deeply spiritual individual whose philosophy inspires a huge following. G’Kar would no doubt be upset that an action figure in his likeness has been created, just as he broke into two an unauthorised idol of him in one episode.
Delenn is a member of the Minbari race. In season two of Babylon 5, Delenn undergoes a transformation which changes her appearance into a half-Human, half-Minbari hybrid. She did so in an effort to bring the peoples of Earth and Minbar closer together, following in her beliefs that the destinies of Humans and Minbari are somehow intertwined. Here is a comparison of Delenn before and after her transformation.
Ambassador Delenn in golden robes (Minbari version), and in purple robes (Human-Minbari hybrid version)
I don’t often collect Batman figures belonging to the Batman cartoon series, since they appear rather cartoonish and are somewhat lacking in texture or realism as compared with the figures from the Batman movies. But in this case I make an exception. This is Harley Quinn, the Joker’s sidekick who made her first appearance in “Batman: The Animated Series”. Harley was a psychiatrist assigned to analyse the Joker while he was interned in Arkham Asylum. Instead, Harley found herself fascinated by the Joker’s character and fell in love with him, eventually helping the Joker to escape and become his partner-in-crime. Harley remains slavishly devoted to the Joker despite the Joker’s frequent abuses towards her, a true indication of her insanity. Harley Quinn proved to be such a popular character that she was even incorporated into the Batman comic storyline. In fact, Harley Quinn’s popularity has made her a highly sought-after figure, and I decided to collect her especially since she’s a rare one to find.
Here’s two Robins from the movie “Batman Forever”: Transforming Dick Grayson, and Street Biker Robin. Among the accessories that come with the first figure include a Robin suit that can be attached to the figure and transform Dick Grayson into Batman’s sidekick, Robin. And the second figure shows Dick Grayson in a street biker outfit. Normally, I wouldn’t want to get too many variants of the same character, preferring to collect the character in the version he or she appeared as in the movie. But there are exceptions to this, such as if the character appeared in different outfits during the same movie, as in this case.

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