Awesome Toy Collection – The Dark Knight’s Here!

“The Dark Knight” is the latest blockbuster Batman film. It features Batman as he fights against the amoral Joker and his criminal minions. In the film, the Joker gains the control of Gotham’s mobs, and he holds the people of Gotham hostage by planting bombs all over Gotham City. All these the Joker did to set himself up for a final face-off with Batman, whom the Joker considers to be his ideological nemesis.
TDK figures can be grouped into three main categories: The “Movie Masters” 6-inch figures, the 5-inch figures, and the 4-inch figures. I’ve collected several from each category, and here’s a showcase of my awesome TDK collection.
These are the 6″ “Movie Masters” TDK figures: Batman, Joker, and a Gotham City Thug. These 6″ figures have the most realistic sculpting as compared to the other categories. However, the Joker’s face is a far cry from that as seen in the film. There are actually five designs of Gotham Thug masks, one would literally need to buy five Thugs to collect all the masks. I’ve decided against doing that, since it is rather costly to do so. And besides, some designs cannot be found in Singapore anyway.
These two Movie Masters figures are actually from “Batman Begins”, but they are produced in conjuction with the TDK figures. A “Batman Begins” version of Batman, and his enemy in that movie Scarecrow. There is a change in the batsuit design between the two films, with a redesign of the bat logo on the chest, and the addition of shoulder pads.
These are my 5″ TDK figures. They are (from the left): Scarecrow, Joker (in purple), Batman, Joker (in green), and Two-Face. In TDK, Harvey Dent is the newly appointed district attorney of Gotham City who pledged to rid the city of the mobs. However, his efforts are frustrated by corrupt cops and a new enemy, the Joker. Harvey is finally driven over the edge when the Joker kills his girlfriend. Blaming the mobs, corrupt cops, and Batman for his girlfriend’s death, the disfigured Harvey takes the law into his own hands by becoming Two-Face, who attacks both the mobs and the cops. Two-Face often decides whether to kill someone by flipping his lucky coin.
As the figure sizes decrease, so does the level of sculpting sophistication. The 5″ Joker’s face now looks even more cartoony and is nothing like the Joker seen in the film. Note that the Joker never actually wore a green suit in TDK. Check out the new packaging design of the green Joker as compared to the others. As you can see, I have opened the Batman from his packaging. It is possible to open the previous packaging without damaging the packaging significantly such that the figure can be placed back inside, and make it look as if it was never opened. So far, I haven’t figured out how to do the same with the new packaging design.
It’s amazing isn’t it, the TDK figures come in so many sizes, and these are the 4″ versions. From the left: Batman, Gotham Thug, Joker, another Batman, Scarecrow, and Bruce Wayne, along with Bruce Wayne’s sports coupe. Apart from the car which comes along with the Batman and Bruce Wayne figures, the 4″ figures were never imported in Singapore for retail. The sports coupe can transform into a mean fighting machine.
 Batman in his awesome transforming sports coupe.
Here’s another line-up of the 4″ figures: Gotham Thug, Joker, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Scarecrow, and a special guest, Ra’s al Ghul from “Batman Begins”. Ra’s al Ghul is actually a Takara Microman figure, not part of the TDK line.
There are some TDK figures that I am still looking out for: a 4″ Two-Face, and two 5″ figures – Deathstroke and Firefly. Deathstroke and Firefly are Batman villians who didn’t actually appear in TDK, but they are extra figures made within the 5″ figure line, based on their designs as appeared in the Batman comics.
Looking out for: 4″ Batman (in yet another batsuit design), and 4″ Two-Face. These two figures are packaged together. 
Looking out for: 5″ Deathstroke and 5″ Firefly. These two figures were said to have been available much earlier on, but I seemed to have missed them.
If you see them on sale anywhere, tell me about it!

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