China Square Central Flea Market – Opens every Sunday!

Every Sunday I would go to the China Square Central flea market to look for toys and other interesting collectibles.
China Square Central is located in Chinatown, at the junction of South Bridge Road and Cross Street. On weekdays, it is a normal commercial office building. But on Sundays, the toy shops open, and space is rented out to flea market stalls which sell toys, gadgets, and various second-hand items including books, VCDs, and even antiques.
 One reason why I like to shop at China Square Central flea market is because sometimes, it is possible to find the rare toy figure or other items that I had been searching for on sale there, when some owner is selling off his collection. Generally speaking, items that are unopened and still in mint condition would cost more that those that are already opened. And in the current economic crisis, many toy collectors are offloading their toys so as to earn some money, allowing collectors like me to buy toys at bargain prices.
 Apart from choosing from the displayed items, it is also possible to make an order for toys from the merchants if they so happen to be ordering for newly released toys directly from their suppliers and importing them to Singapore. Payment usually involve a downpayment, and taking into account the required shipping fees.
Do feel free to visit China Square Central flea market on Sundays, if not for shopping but also to gawk at the multitude of toys and figures on display at every stall. The flea market opens from morning until about 5pm.

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