Toys for sale! At the Toy Outpost!

Last week, my colleague and I together invested in renting a display locker box from a toy shop, to display several of our items that we wanted to sell. Toy Outpost is located at the 7th floor of Plaza Singapura. Since 2001, Toy Outpost has rented out locker boxes to merchants who wished to set up their own business of selling off their items such as toys, dolls, and various cute trinkets. I myself often shop at Toy Outpost, and on some occasions I was able to find certain rare toy figures that I had thought can no longer be found in Singapore, on display right in front of me in the locker box.
I had accumulated several extra Indiana Jones figures and Batman figures, and there were some figures that I no longer wanted, and I wanted to find a way to get rid of them all, especially since they take up so much space in my room. My colleague, whom I shall henceforth refer to as Yo-yo Girl, had also been trying to sell of her stock of yo-yos, which she had imported from China with the intention of selling them to make a profit. We decided to rent a locker box to try our luck in selling off our stuff, but since both of us had no confidence of making enough sales to even cover our rental fees, we decided to only rent the box for a month, to see if there’s even anybody interested in buying what we are selling.
Almost immediately after acquiring our locker box we ran into a problem. Both of us had brought so many items that it was difficult to try to squeeze them all into the locker box without blocking too much of the view of each other’s items. In the end we tried as best as we could.
I realised that the utter chaos within the locker box could turn off a potential buyer from thoroughly looking through the items. Although this is a business venture that I feel is doomed right from the start, I take comfort in the idea that both Yo-yo Girl and I could in fact be offering the rare yo-yo or figure that somebody had been trying so hard to find.

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