Awesome Toy Collection – Batman: TAS part 2

“Batman: The Animated Series” first premiered on Fox Network and aired there for two seasons, before it moved over to the WB Network following a hiatus of about three years. The show was renamed “The New Batman Adventures”, and aired for another two seasons. Although both shows take place in the same continuity, the animation style was made more streamlined to match with the other DC Comics cartoons that the animation team were producing. In addition, a new reduced colour scheme was adopted for all characters to make the animation cheaper. As a result, nearly all the characters from Batman: TAS received a redesign, referred to by fans as the “revamp”.
The first to be featured here is Batman himself. On the right is Batman in his original appearance, while on the left is the “revamped” Batman. Batman has received a more sleek, buffed appearance. Most notably, the ‘batsignal’ logo on his chest was replaced with the black bat logo. But essentially speaking, they are the same character on the show.
The Joker got revamped too! The leftmost figure is the Joker as he originally appeared, while the other remaining three are the revamped version Joker, with the second from left figure produced by Kenner Toys while the right two figures produced by the Mattel Company. Mattel took over the production of Batman toys after the license held by Kenner expired. As you can see, the Joker’s facial appearance got a redesign, and his suit has changed colours too.
Mr. Freeze (left – original, right – revamped), and Catwoman (right – original, left – revamped)
Here’s some more comparison of before and after the revamp. Mr. Freeze’s armour got redesigned. He no longer wears red goggles, in fact his eyes are now red. Catwoman’s catsuit has changed design and is now all black instead of previously grey.
The Riddler (right – original, left – revamped), and The Scarecrow (right – original, left – revamped)
The revamped Riddler now wears an all-green jumpsuit. Although receiving a new redesign, the Riddler was not featured as the main antagonist in an episode of his own during the revamped series. The cartoon producers had admitted that they didn’t use the Riddler very much because his character often made the story too long and too complex. The Scarecrow’s new look resembles a dark, corpse-like figure with a hangman’s noose around his neck.
This is Bane (left – original, right – revamped). Bane remains as a large size juggernaut foe of Batman, he has not shrunk in size as this picture might suggest. The revamped Bane figure was produced by Mattel, and the Mattel figures are slightly smaller in size as compared to the Kenner figures.
The Penguin also received a redesign for the revamped series. While the original appearance (on the left) possessed the bird-like features of a beak-shaped nose and webbed hands, the revamped look (on the right) returned the Penguin to his traditional comic appearance of being a normal-looking gentleman, who is actually a mob boss under the guise of running a “legitimate” business.
Poison Ivy (left – original, right – revamped, and Two-Face (left – original, right – revamped)
The redesigns to Poison Ivy and Two-Face are actually quite minimal. Poison Ivy got a makeover, and she received an equally revealing dress. Two-Face still wears the same white-and-black suit, only that the suit is now buttoned-up. Two-Face received a slightly different hairstyle, with his snarling sinister side getting a lttle touch-up.
The Mad Hatter’s appearance was totally changed for the revamped series (left – original, right – revamped). But the revamped version has not been produced as a figure as yet.
Out of Batman’s enemies, perhaps only Harley Quinn did not receive any drastic change in appearance or colour alterations.

Awesome Toy Collection – Batman: The Animated Series

In the past few months, I have renewed my interest in watching the Batman cartoons that were shown over ten years ago, catching up on the episodes that I had missed, which are nearly all of them. And I’ve also decided to collect the toy figures from the Batman cartoons to compliment my interest. Especially since these figures can still be found on sale, either at China Square Central or on Ebay, and so I would try to collect whichever figures that I can find, and afford to buy, before they really become too rare to be found anymore.
And here I present, my awesome collection of figures from Batman: The Animated Series !
This is a snapshot of my awesome collection of Batman: TAS figures.
Here’s the hero, Batman! He’s wearing the batsuit with the “bat-signal” logo, which was the way Batman appeared in the first two seasons. The batsuit was later redesigned with a black bat replacing the “bat-signal” logo, as part of a revamp of the cartoon when the cartoon was transferred to another TV network.
The Joker is Batman’s ultimate nemesis. Here’s a picture of the Joker in the many variations of his figures that were released. You may consider the figure second from left as the “definitive” Joker in the version he most often appeared in on the show. The right two Jokers are repaint variants. Toy companies often release repaint variants of the same figure as a simple way to profit from toy collectors, who would want to buy all variants to complete their collection.
Batman faces a formidable task in stopping his numerous enemies from wrecking havoc in Gotham City. Collectively speaking, Batman’s foes are known as the Rogues Gallery. In the above picture are some of the criminals that Batman encountered. From the left: The Mad Hatter (with his evil robot rabbit), Mr. Freeze, Ra’s Al Ghul, Bane, The Creeper, Scarecrow, Two-Face, and The Clock King. It’s very interesting to note that each of Batman’s foes often has some kind of personal hatred or vendetta against either Batman, or Gotham City itself, using it to justify their criminal activities. Technically speaking, the Creeper is not an enemy of Batman, he is an innocent victim who was driven crazy by the Joker, and likewise had to be stopped by Batman. Also, Ra’s Al Ghul never appeared in that outfit.
In this picture we have: Killer Croc, The Riddler, Clayface, and Man-Bat. The reason why I had pictured these fellas here separately is because, they are repaint variants! In their “definitive” versions, Killer Croc should be in grey colour instead. The Riddler has a slightly different colour scheme. Clayface should have a darker brown tone, while Man-Bat’s brown tone should in fact be lighter.
And Batman’s Rogues Gallery has several femme fatales as well. Here we have: The Phantasm (Yes, she’s a woman!), Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn. The Batman: TAS series of action figures was quite groundbreaking as it released several female figures at a time when female figures were still not considered as popular as the male ones. And it also proved to be quite a challenge to balance the girls on their feet.
Much more needs to be elaborated on my awesome Batman: TAS figures collection, which I shall blog some more about in my upcoming blog entries. For now, I shall conclude with pictures of some the Batman figures which I still lack and I am searching for.
I am searching for these fellas. From left: The Penguin, the Ventriloquist, Ra’s Al Ghul (in suit), and Talia (Ra’s daughter). The Penguin is said to be a rare figure and is rumoured to be rather expensive, but I would prefer to acquire the figure cheaply.
I am also looking out for (from left) Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, and Alfred the Butler. These guys are on Batman’s side.