Awesome Toy Collection – Batman: TAS part 3

In “Batman: The Animated Series”, for most of the time Batman works alone in his fight against the criminals of Gotham City. But when Batman needs additional help, he can count on the support of his loyal sidekick, Robin the boy wonder! Dick Grayson was previously a member of a circus trapeze family before his family was brutally murdered by the mob. Taken under the tutelage of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson mastered the fighting arts and he takes on the persona of Robin, and now joins Batman in his fight against crime!
Batman and Robin
Actually, many collectors were disappointed with this Robin figure as it is actually a reissue of the Robin body sculpt from the “Batman Returns” line, only that the head is replaced with that of Batman:TAS Robin.
However, despite years of partnership, Dick Grayson got fed up with having to be at Batman’s beck and call at every moment, and after several major disagreements with Batman, Robin called it quits and decided to step out of Batman’s shadow to become a superhero in his own right. Dick Grayson is now Nightwing, still fighting against crime in Gotham City, and occasionally teaming up with Batman, both having put the past behind them.
Dick Grayson is now Nightwing, in an all new costume.
In the meantime, Batman has recruited another protege, the second Robin! Tim Drake is the street-wise son of a small-time gangster who was killed by the villian Two-Face. After accidentally finding out Batman’s true identity as Bruce Wayne, Tim insisted on donning the Robin costume to fight alongside Batman and apprehanding Two-Face. Bruce then takes Tim Drake under his wings and trains him in the fighting arts. Tim Drake is now the new Robin, and Gotham’s dynamic duo patrol the city once more!
The new boy wonder Robin
Batman’s true identity is Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy and CEO of Wayne Enterprises. After Bruce’s parents were brutally murdered during a robbery attempt in front of the young Bruce while during the family’s night out at the theatre, Bruce pledged to honour his parent’s memory by taking upon himself the mantle as Gotham City’s protector. Having acquired exotic fighting skills from the Far East, Bruce Wayne has returned to Gotham, adopting the identity of a busy socialite by day, and patrolling the skyline of Gotham as Batman by night.
 This is Bruce Wayne, in an outrageously bright red coat that he obviously never wore on the show.
Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, Catwoman, and Phantasm. Seeing double yet? Here are some of the Batman villians accompanied with their repaint variant. The definitive versions stand in front. I would usually try to avoid collecting too many variant figures. It is costly and the figures take up space. In these cases, the variants were packaged together with the figures that I was acquiring. Fortunately, I was able to resist the temptation to buy several more repaint Jokers when I was at CSC last Sunday.
And I am still trying to figure out why did I buy this pink-coloured Mad Hatter variant, especially since most repaint variants never actually appeared on the show, including this. Perhaps I was fascinated by the Mad Hatter’s character.
And this concludes my rather exhausive showcase of my awesome Batman: The Animated Series collection. At least for now, since I’ve gotten in touch with a contact who could perhaps help me get some of the Batman: TAS figures that I am currently lacking. Soon.

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