To Mount Kinabalu and back

Over the National Day long weekend, I joined my colleagues for an expedition to Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, East Malaysia. There were six in our group, five from my office, plus one of my colleague’s friend. The trip was organised by a Malaysian colleague, who last climbed Mount Kinabalu eight years ago and was feeling nostalgic about visiting again, and so he decided to bring along the rest of us to join in the experience.
Me at the Kinabalu National Park Headquarters. Mount Kinabalu is at the back.
After arriving at Kota Kinabalu on Thursday night, the next morning we proceeded to the Kinabalu National Park, about two hours drive away. And then we started our trek upwards, following along a jungle trail that alternated between walking paths and countless flights of steps. The start point was at altitude 1,585m, and after hiking for about six hours and covering a distance of roughly 6 km, we arrived at the Laban Rata rest house situated at 3,270m. It was about 4pm, and the weather was getting windy. We settled in at the rest house where we had our dinner.
Steps, steps, and more steps
Going all the way up
Taking a rest, somewhere along the way
The ascent to the summit starts the next morning at 2am, this is so that climbers would arrive at the summit at around the same time as sunrise and can catch the view. Anyway, two of us decided not to continue onwards as they felt too cold and tired. So the remaining four (including me) proceeded on with the climb. It was another 2 km to the summit, this part of the ascent is much more rockier and at times quite steep, we need to pull ourselves up by grapping onto the ropes attached to the slopes. And it was freezing cold and windy. By this point I had to stop after every few steps to catch my breath, my legs were already tired from the earlier climb. But I was able to endure the difficulties, and I arrived at the peak at around 5.30am. The top of Mount Kinabalu is called Low’s Peak, located at 4,095.2m above sea level.
Picture of me at Low’s Peak, summit of Mount Kinabalu
And then I had to queue up to get my photos taken as there were many other climbers around at the peak, and my hands were starting to freeze even though I was wearing my gloves. After getting my photoshot, I felt that it was simply too cold to hang around any longer and therefore started my descent, meeting my colleagues a short while later after they had also reached the peak.
Picture taken on the way down, I was up there earlier.
It’s all rocks up here.
For our return trip to the rest house, we did not follow the same path down. Instead, we tried out the Via Ferrata route. This involved climbing straight down the sheer mountain rockface while connected to a steel cable with a safety harness. Steps and handles have been fixed into the rockface for easy descent. Personally I felt that this downward route was rather exciting, and it was supposed to be a shorter distance than the walking down path, although all of us felt that we took a longer time coming down, reaching the rest house at 10am.
Before climbing down. When you are up there, the clouds are below you.
 I’m having fun here !
After breakfast and a bit of rest, we began our trip down the mountain at 11am, reaching the park headquarters at 3pm. We stayed overnight at the park cabin, returning to Kota Kinabalu the next day, where we had another day of rest and sightseeing, before catching our flight back to Singapore on Monday.

I took part in the OSIM Triathlon – 1st August 2009

I took part in the OSIM Internation Triathlon on 1st August, participating in the Sprint Individual Men category. In the Sprint category, the distances involved are half of that of the Olympic category. Which meant that I swam 750 metres, cycled 20 km, and ran 5 km.
I completed my sprint triathlon in a total time of 2 hours 7 mins and 17 seconds, which places me at 465th out of the 510 participants in this category. I should say that I am rather proud to have competed in the triathlon, since I like to exercise to keep myself fit and healthy, and taking part in the triathlon allows me to have a measure of exactly how fit I am. My swimming took 0:24:55, cycling 1:09:13, and running 0:33:10.
Here’s some photos of me doing the running, courtesy of, which takes photos of every participants for selling of professional prints.