Awesome Toy Collection – Showcasing my stuff

Here’s a short showcase of my awesome toy collection, some of them collected quite a while back, and others my more recent acquisition.
Here is a set of three twin packs from the Batman Movie Collection, showcasing Batman and his enemies from the first three Batman movies: The Joker from “Batman”, Catwoman from “Batman Returns”, and The Riddler from “Batman Forever”.

Henri Ducard is Bruce Wayne’s trainer and mentor in the movie “Batman Begins”. I have managed to find a Ducard figure in brown costume, which was how Ducard appeared in the movie. I had earlier found a green costume variant of Ducard.
Brown costume Ducard, and his green costume variant.
And these two characters are Batman’s enemies: Firefly and Deathstroke, produced as part of “The Dark Knight” 5″ figures range. Both of them didn’t actually appear in “The Dark Knight”, but are notable enemies of Batman in the comics and the animated series. Firefly terrorises Gotham City by setting property on fire with his pyrotechnics, while Deathstroke is a mercenary and assassin who possesses superior physical strength and prowess as a result of secret army experiments. Deathstroke is missing an eye, but that serves as no handicap to him and his killing skills. For a while I thought I may not be able to find these two figures, I sure got lucky.
Just one more: This is Bruce Wayne in his ninja training attire, the figure comes with the Batman armour which he can wear and transform into the Dark Knight. This figure was previously produced (with a different costume colour) within the “Batman Begins” figures range, and continued into “The Dark Knight” figures range even though Bruce Wayne didn’t appear as such in “The Dark Knight”.

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