Awesome Toy Collection – The Dark Knight 4″ Figures

And I have made a new purchase online via Ebay, it has arrived. This is Two-Face, from The Dark Knight 4″ series of figures.
 In The Dark Knight, Harvey Dent is the newly appointed district attorney of Gotham City who pledged to rid the city of the mobs. However, his efforts are frustrated by corrupt cops and a new enemy, the Joker. Harvey is finally driven over the edge when the Joker kills his girlfriend, and also severely disfigures Harvey. Blaming the mobs, corrupt cops, and Batman for all his ordeal, the scarred Harvey Dent takes the law into his own hands by becoming Two-Face, who attacks both the mobs and the cops.
Come together now, these are the Batman villians from TDK 4″ figures.
From left: Scarecrow (who has a small cameo in TDK), the Joker,
a Gotham Thug (who helps the Joker rob a bank), and Two-Face.
Over here, we have a special appearance by Ra’s al Ghul (center), leader of the League of Shadows as seen in Batman Begins.
Flanking Ra’s on the left is Batman in his TDK Batsuit, and on the right is Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego.
 With my new purchase, I now have the set of TDK 4″ figures that I have been looking out for.
Now we have a group shot of the TDK 4″ figures, together with Bruce Wayne’s sports coupe.
 One last word: The Joker’s head sculpt for the 4″ and 5″ figures has been widely criticised as being too cartoony and in no way resembles how the Joker actually appeared in The Dark Knight. In the above picture, we have for comparison a 4″ Joker, and a Joker face magnet which more realistically protrays Joker’s shocking and terrifying appearance in the movie.

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