Awesome Toy Collection – DC Infinite Heroes

Inspired by my collection of “The Dark Knight” 4″ figures, I have also started collecting toy figures from DC Infinite Heroes. DC Infinite Heroes is a range of 4″ figures of  heroes from DC Comics, sculpted in their comic book likeness. Personally, I am more versed in Marvel Comics as compared to DC Comics, although the Batman and Superman storylines interest me. Other DC universe storylines include the Justice League, Green Lantern, Shazam, Teen Titans, and others that I am not familar with. As such, being a Batman fan, I am collecting figures of those involved in the Batman storylines, which includes the villains and some of Batman’s allies.
Hey, it’s Batman! The one in black cape is Batman’s current comic book incarnation, while the blue cape variant comes from an earlier comic appearance.
The insane Joker. The Joker is more commonly seen in his purple suit, the black suit Joker is a variant figure.
Some more Batman villains: Hush and Scarecrow. Hush is a former friend of Bruce Wayne who somehow developed such a hatred against Batman that he transformed into a supervillain hell-bent on defeating Batman. Scarecrow was previously a psychiatrist who has a morbid fascination with fear. His illegal experiments on his patients caused him to be fired from Arkham Asylum. In revenge, the Scarecow turned to crime, using his psycho drugs and psychological tactics to threaten his victims to do his bidding.
Behold ! This is the DC Infinite Heroes “Gotham City Patrol” 6-pack. Here we have Hush again, this time this variant Hush has his face unmasked. Catwoman is a highly skilled cat burglar whose unrepressible urge to steal precious jewels and valuables has brought her into conflict with Batman on numerous occasions. And Killer Croc is actually a man who has a genetic condition that regresses him into the reptilian ancestral species of the human race, resulting in his crocodile-like appearance and his bestial behaviour and strength. The two Gotham City SWAT serve as target practice for Gotham villains.
These three figures are created in their likeness as they appeared in the DVD movie “Batman: Gotham Knights”. “Batman: Gotham Knight” serves as the bridging story between “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight”. Deadshot is an assassin who claims that he never misses, and here we have another version of the Scarecrow. All three figures have an anime-style design since “Batman: Gotham Knight”” uses an Japanese anime style of animation.
And now we go to the Batman allies. Nightwing is the former Robin, who has now stepped out of the shadows of his mentor Batman, and become a superhero in his own right, fighting against crime in the city of Blüdhaven.  Batwoman is a more recently introduced character. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Batwoman is a wealthy rich heiress who decided to fight crime to pass her nighttime. And she has her own preferences.
James Gordon is the Police Commissioner of Gotham City. Gordon is an ally of Batman, he believes in Batman’s self-appointed mission of fighting against Gotham’s enemies, even though such vigilante behaviour are considered unlawful.
Superman and Wonder Woman are also Batman’s allies. In fact, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, along with several other superheroes, together they form the superhero team, the Justice League. This does makes one wonder how does Batman finds time to participate in Justice League activities even as he serves as the protector of Gotham City.
And since I got Superman, I thought, why not I also get Superman’s evil copy, Bizarro. Bizarro is indeed the twisted evil copy of Superman. Even the “S” on Bizarro’s chest is inverted. Instead of helping people like Superman, Bizarro kills people and causes mass destruction. Many stories alluding to Bizarro’s origins have been created, from cloning to duplication to alternate worlds. Supergirl, like Superman, is a survivor from Krypton, and she allies with Superman to fight crime in Metropolis. Wonder Girl is an ally of Wonder Woman. She is also another more recently introduced character in the DC Universe, and is usually involved in the Teen Titans storylines. 
And our special guest appearance is…. Doomsday! His origins unknown, Doomsday once infamously killed Superman during an Earth-shattering duel. Doomsday was also killed in the battle. But both Superman and Doomsday were eventually resurrected, with Doomsday living to torment Superman yet again. This figure of Doomsday does not actually belong to the DCIH range, but I felt that their relative sizes seemed appropiate enough to be displayed next to each other.
Even more figures from DC Infinite Heroes are available, and new figures from the range are set to be released in the near future. Good thing I won’t be collecting every one of them, since I am only interested in the Batman storyline. Therefore, I eagerly wait for the arrival of DCIH Robin and DCIH Two-Face, which are coming soon. And perhaps, some other Batman-related characters would also receive their own figures too. I’ll be looking out for them.

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