Awesome Toy Collection – Indiana Jones action figures

All right, this has been a long time coming, and now at last, I am showcasing my awesome Indiana Jones action figures collection!
The toy company Hasbro, in conjunction with the recent Indiana Jones movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, has produced a whole new range of action figures based on characters from all four Indiana Jones movies. And I have been sufficiently inspired to collect them all!
I’ll start with the first movie, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Set in 1936, the Nazis are on the verge of discovering the Ark of the Covenant and are hell-bent on unleashing its powers to conquer the world. The US Government hires adventurer-archaeologist Indiana Jones to find the Ark before the Nazis could. Braving the deserts and the high seas, Indy teams up with his allies in the race for the Ark, fighting against the Nazis and the fierce determination of an old rival.
Indiana Jones (center), with his ally Sallah (left), and his old flame Marion (right).
As Indy and Marion arrive in Cairo to begin their search for the Ark, the mysterious individual known as
the Monkey Man spies on their every move, using his pet monkey to infiltrate into Sallah’s household.
The Nazis hire local thugs to ambush Indy and Marion as they shopped in the bazaars of Cairo.
The Cairo Swordsman challenges Indy to a duel,
and Indy figures out the easiest way to win this clash of civilizations.
The Ark of the Covenant. Said to contain the remnants of the original Ten Commandments,
the Ark is believed to wield enormous power, capable of leveling mountains and laying waste to entire regions.
At the center is René Belloq, Indy’s professional rival. Currently hired by the Nazis, Belloq has
dressed up in the ceremonial costume worn by the ancient high priests, as he prepared to open the Ark.
Two German soldiers flank Belloq on either side.
These are the figures from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. It would be a bit exhausive to showcase every one of them
in a single blog entry, so I have loaded their pictures into the Photos section. Feel free to view!

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