Awesome Toy Collection – Indiana Jones figures part 2

Continuing with my awesome Indiana Jones figures collection, here I showcase the figures from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.
These are the figures from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.
KOTCS takes place in 1957 at the height of the Cold War. Soviet agents are combing the world in search of valuable powerful artifacts which they intend to use to control the world. A Soviet team led by Irina Spalko kidnaps Indiana Jones, and forced him to retrieve for them a secret artifact from a US Government warehouse, later revealed to be alien remains.
Soviet agents led by Irina Spalko (center). On the left is Colonel Dovchenko, to the right is a Soviet soldier.
Indy narrowly escapes from his captors, but he quickly embarks on another adventure, when a delinquent-looking guy named Mutt Williams informs Indy that Oxley, Indy’s old acquintance, is possibly in danger, having gone missing in South America while in search of a mysterious crystal skull. Following a trail of clues, Indy and Mutt arrive at Nazca, Peru where, after clashing with a couple of cemetary warriors, Indy is able to find the crystal skull in an ancient tomb.
Mutt (in black jacket) throws his switchblade at the cemetary warrior, who catches the switchblade and is about to attack Mutt with the blade, before Indy whips it away from his hand. This scene got deleted in the movie.
Indy holds the crystal skull.
Just as Indy and Mutt were leaving, the Soviets arrive and capture them. Spalko reveals that the crystal skull is a powerful psychic weapon of alien origin, and they plan to use the skull to find the lost city of Akator, where more secrets await them. Apart from Oxley, Indy finds out that the Soviets had also kidnapped his old girlfriend Marion, who happens to be Mutt’s mom. Indy then learns that Mutt is his son with Marion. After a lengthly confrontation, Indy and his friends escape from the Soviets, taking the crystal skull along with them.
Mutt and Spalko draw blades during the fight for the crystal skull.
Indy and Dovchenko slug it out even as they are surrounded by man-eating ants.
Indy’s greatest fear is snakes. He now defends himself with a RPG.
Note: I made up this scene, it never happened.
The Soviets pursue Indy and his friends to Akator, meeting fierce resistance
from the Ugha Warriors, the guardians of Akator.
At Akator, Indy discovers a chamber with 13 crystal skeletons, with one missing its skull. Spalko arrives and reclaims the crystal skull. She returns the skull to the skeleton, which re-animates itself and offers a gift in return. But Spalko demands that the crystal beings reveal all their secrets to her.
“Tell me everything you know! I want it all!”
However, the knowledge from the aliens overwhelmed Spalko and she burst into flames. The Akator complex began to fall into pieces, but Indy and his friends get out, and see a flying saucer emerge from Akator and vanishing into another dimension. Returning home, Indy and Marion rekindle their romance and they get married. And the adventure continues!
More pictures of the KOTCS figures can be seen in the photos section!

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