Awesome Toy Collection – Indiana Jones figures part 3

In this entry, I’ll continue the showcase of my awesome Indiana Jones figures collection by going through the figures from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.
 These are the figures from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.
The Last Crusade is set in 1938. Indy received news that his father, while working for a wealthy American named Donovan, had gone missing in Venice during a search for the Holy Grail, the sacred cup that is said to have once held the blood of Jesus Christ and grants immortality to whoever who drinks from it. Indy travels to Venice, where he rendevous with Dr. Elsa Schneider, Donovan’s associate.
Indiana Jones and his Dad, Henry Jones Sr.
After some thorough investigation, Indy learns that his Dad is held captive in Austria by the Nazis. Indy breaks his Dad out of the castle prison, but the two were betrayed by Elsa. It turns out that both Donovan and Elsa worked for the Nazis, who also coveted the Holy Grail so as to tap into its mysterious powers. Indy was lured to Austria as he had his Dad’s diary, which holds valuable clues as to the Holy Grail’s location.
Colonel Vogel served as the Nazis’ liaison with Donovan in the search for the Holy Grail.
Loyal only to the Nazi cause, Vogel is ruthless in his determination to obtain the Grail for Der Führer.
 Dr. Elsa Schneider is a historian hired by Hitler to search for the Grail.
She manipulates both Indy and his Dad in order to achieve her goals.
Indy and his Dad escape from the Nazis in a daring motorcycle chase, and they steal the Grail diary back from Elsa. However, Donovan and the Nazis had already obtained enough clues to determine the location of the Grail Temple. Indy catches up with Donovan and Elsa at the temple, but Donovan deliberately shoots and mortally wounds Indy’s Dad, forcing Indy to solve the temple’s booby traps in order to retrieve the Holy Grail, since only the healing powers of the Grail can save Indy’s Dad. Indy survives the traps, and comes face to face with the guardian of the Grail, a 700-year-old knight whose immortal duty is to protect the Holy Grail.
 The Grail Knight, who has attained immortality by drinking from the Grail.
Donovan and Elsa follow Indy into the chamber, but many other cups and chalices were also present, and Donovan could not figure out which is the true Grail. Elsa selects the most elegant chalice for Donovan, who drinks from it. However, Donovan had chosen poorly as he quickly ages and dies when he turned into dust. Indy realises which is the true Grail and he drinks from it, and he lives. Using water from the Holy Grail, Indy heals his Dad’s wounds and saves him. Despite the knight’s warning not to take the Grail away from the temple, Elsa tries to do exactly that and incurs the wrath of God, resulting in an earthquake which causes Elsa to fall into a chasm, killing her. The temple is destroyed and the Grail is lost within it, but Indy and his Dad escape and come away with a greater appreciation for each other.
Indy finds the Holy Grail.
As a last pic, this is Young Indy, who appears in the beginning sequence of The Last Crusade,
which explained how Indy got his fear of snakes, started to use a whip, and how he got his hat.

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