Awesome Toy Collection – Indiana Jones figures part 4

And now, I’ll roundup the showcase of my awesome Indiana Jones collection by presenting the figures from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”.
 The figures from “Temple of Doom” are the last wave of figures released by Hasbro, for now.
Not many people realise that “Temple of Doom” is actually a prequel to “Raiders of the Lost Ark”Temple of Doom takes place in 1935, one year before the events of Raiders. Indy was in Shanghai, negotiating an artifact exchange with an underworld boss when things goes horribly wrong, and Indy was forced to escape with his sidekick, a Chinese boy named Short Round, and dragging along the gangster’s trophy nightclub singer Willie Scott. Indy’s getaway plane crashes in India, but the three of them survive by parachuting off in an inflatable life raft.
 Short Round is an orphan from Shanghai who tried to pickpocket Indy.
Instead, he became fast friend with Indy and now serves as Indy’s sidekick.
Willie Scott decides to flee with Indy after she realised that her nightclub boss held no regard with her life.
Indy arrives at an Indian village, where the village elders claimed that destiny had brought them here to save the village. An evil force from the nearby Pankot Palace had burned their fields, kidnapped their children, and stolen their sacred Sankara Stone. The village elders believe that Indy would recover the sacred stone from Pankot, which would restore prosperity to the village. Indy decides to investigate the villagers’ plight, and the three of them travel to Pankot Palace, where they were treated as guests by the Maharaja. However, after Indy narrowly escapes from an assassination attempt on him in the middle of the night, Indy decides to sneak around. Indy soon discovers that the palace’s mines were being used as a place of worship by the Thuggee Cult of Kali, witnessing a human sacrifice ritual.
 Mola Ram is the High Priest of the Thuggee Cult. He plans to recover all five Sankara Stones,
which would give him ultimate power, and allow him to spread the worship of Kali around the world.
More members of the Thuggee Cult:
The Chief Temple Guard, and a generic Temple Guard.
Indy finds the Sankara Stone.
Indy retrieves the Sankara Stone, but he becomes outraged when he saw that the village children were made to work as slaves in the mines. Indy gets captured by the Thuggee when he tries to save the children. Short Round and Willie were similarly captured. Indy was made to drink a potion that put him under a spell and become a Kali worshipper. Just as Willie was about to be sacrificed to Kali, Short Round burns Indy with a torch, which inadvertently breaks Indy free from the spell. Indy fights back the Thuggee and frees Willie and Short Round. Indy then decides to challenge the entire Kali cult and free all the children.
Indy is damned pissed off, he arms himself with a sword,
slashing and hacking at every Thuggee guard he sees.
The child slaves were inspired by Indy’s actions and they revolt against the Thuggee, breaking out from the palace. Indy confronts Mola Ram in a final showdown, even as they hung onto a collapsed bridge by a cliff. Mola Ram tries to steal the Sankara Stone again, but his hands were seared when the stone glowed white-hot in his grasp. Indy snatched the stone back, just as Mola Ram lost his grip and fell into the river below and is devoured by the crocodiles. Indy, Short Round and Willie soon return to the village with the Sankara Stone, and they bring along the village children, returning them to their families.

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