Custom Indy Figures – Adolf Hitler and Vogel in black uniform

Showcasing another two of my awesome custom Indiana Jones figures:
Adolf Hitler from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”:
After Indy goes to Berlin and steals his Dad’s Grail diary back from Elsa, Indy was swept into a crowd at a book-burning rally where he bumps into Adolf Hitler, the dictator of Germany. As Indy was disguised as a German officer, Hitler assumes that Indy was just another loyal fanatic, and he signs his autograph in the Grail diary that Indy was holding.
Head – Admiral Ozzel (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Torso, arms, legs and hat – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Skirt – Colonel Dovchenko (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Actor Michael Sheard, who protrayed Hitler in “The Last Crusade”, also protrayed Admiral Ozzel in the “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”, and Admiral Ozzel exists as a Star Wars figure. Hence this is a rare instance where I can customise a Hitler figure by using Ozzel’s head, and it would be of the exact likeness as he appeared in the movie since both Ozzel and Hitler were protrayed by the same actor.
Admiral Ozzel (Star Wars)             Colonel Vogel (TLC)      
Vogel’s hat was cut out and transplanted onto Ozzel’s head. The totenkopf (Death’s Head) badge on the hat was cut off so that the hat would be film-accurate (there was no badge on Hitler’s hat in TLC). Ozzel’s moustache needed to be trimmed to match that of Hitler’s. Working on Vogel’s torso, the right shoulder strap and the whistle was removed, as well as the insignias on the lapels. The extra medals on the pocket were removed, leaving only the Iron Cross. I sculpted on the Wound Badge (the black dot below the Iron Cross) using epoxy glue. The Nazi symbol was painted onto the armband, the original Vogel figure has a blank armband as the toy needed to be politically correct. A tie was carved out of the scarf that Vogel wears, with collars sculpted on using epoxy. Vogel’s “skirt” (the belt and lower shirt section) had a belt that was different from that of Hitler’s, but KOTCS Dovchenko’s belt matches Hitler’s perfectly. I hope Hitler won’t mind that he’s wearing a Soviet army belt and gun holster.
Seig Heil !
[UPDATE – 18 August 2013: I’ve revisited the figure to make some changes.]

When I first created the figure, I was using Dovchenko’s skirt, which meant that the lower half of Hitler’s uniform actually belonged to a Soviet Army uniform. Not only it wasn’t historically accurate, but also that skirt didn’t really match up with the torso above as their sizes were slightly different. Therefore, I’ve decided to replace Hitler’s skirt with the original one that came with the Colonel Vogel figure, this time transferring Dovchenko’s belt buckle over to the figure. I had already taken out the gun holster and used it for one of my German officers. But this had led me to check and confirm a few details that I had suspected. In “Last Crusade”, you can’t really see whether if Hitler wore a gun holster. And after doing some image searches on the Internet, I concluded that Hitler never wore a gun holster with his uniform. Why would Hitler even need a gun? He probably always had his legions of SS bodyguards wherever he went.

And I’ve also taken the opportunity to straighten Hitler’s military cap, it was off-angled.

Colonel Ernst Vogel in black uniform from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”:
When Indy rescues his Dad in Brunwald Castle, Vogel somehow gets his hands on Elsa and threatened to kill her unless Indy surrenders himself. Seeing the damsel in distress, Indy immediately complies, only to find out that he was duped when Elsa steals the Grail diary away from him.
The whole figure – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
The Colonel Vogel figure released by Hasbro wears a white uniform, which was how Vogel appeared in the later part of TLC during the search for the Grail Temple. But Vogel first appeared at Brunwald Castle wearing a black SS uniform. So to customise a black uniform Vogel required a black repaint of the figure. Vogel also wears a tie instead of the scarf, and I had already figured out how to carve the tie out of the scarf when I was making my Hitler custom. The most tricky part, just as in the Hitler custom, was to draw the swastika onto the armband. It takes a steady hand to draw the small swastika with my black pen. Somehow the Western authorities find it too difficult to allow for toys and games based on the Nazi era to be historically accurate, with certain provisions allowed for only for films, dramas and documentaries.
Take that Hasbro! If you want to make toys, at least make sure that it is film-accurate!

4 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – Adolf Hitler and Vogel in black uniform

  1. Enrique Guemez says:

    Congratulations on the fantastic work. I recently found your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed the indy pictures and scene recreations! Those are great looking customs, and you got some fantastic skill! I am also an Indiana Jones fan, but my skills as customizer are terrible… my best chance is just kit-bashing. I did an Indy German officer from TLC with the body of a Red Skull from the Avengers’ cartoon line, and an Indy head… the figure even came with a cap like Vogel’s so it looks OK.
    I would like to get a Hitler figure like the one you did, would you consider commission work?
    Congratulations again on all your work, keep it up!!! And thanks for sharing your posts.

    • Tommy Lin says:

      Hi! Thanks for your interest in my blog. Unfortunately due to life and work commitments I will not be accepting commission work.
      Again thanks for your kind comments!

  2. allan crawford says:

    iam trying to buy colonel vogel in a black uniform ss toys soldiers

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