Custom Indy Figures – Tough Sergeant and Indy in diving suit

This is a showcase of another two of my awesome custom Indy figs:
Tough Sergeant from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”:
After the Flying Wing was destroyed, the Ark was loaded onto a truck to be sent to Cairo. Indy hijacks the truck and throws off all the German soldiers, only the Tough Sergeant was left. The Tough Sergeant climbed into the driver’s compartment and hurls Indy out the windscreen. Indy slides under the truck, climbs back onboard, fights the Sergeant, and this time Indy hurls the Sergeant out the windscreen. The Sergeant gets run over by the wheels.
Head – Zartan (“G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra”)
Lower Arms – RPG Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Rest of the body – German Soldier (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Gun holster – Indiana Jones
Band of Brothers, the Afrika Korps
On the Indy discussion board, it was commented that Zartan bore a remarkable resemblance to the Tough Sergeant in ROTLA. I decided to proceed with this custom as, apart from Zartan’s head, the rest of his body can also be used for some other customs that I have in mind. The German Soldier figure has his shirt tucked out, whereas Tough Sergeant tucks in his shirt. However, removing the skirt made it look as if there is a gap between the belt and the thigh. My solution was to fix the belt at a slightly lower position so that the gap would be sufficiently covered over. Doing this required applying a section of epoxy glue between the torso and the belt, to “extend” the shirt length. The ammo belt required some removal and rearranging of pouches, and the gun holster was glued onto the belt. The uniform was painted dark yellow to reflect the Afrika Korp colour scheme.
Indy in diving suit from the Indiana Jones comic “Indiana Jones and the Shrine of the Sea Devil”:
The treasures of the world are scattered far and wide, and some lie at the bottom of the oceans. In “Shrine of the Sea Devil”, Indy dons a deep sea diving suit and descends to the depths to investigate a sunken temple said to contain priceless treasures.
Head – RPG Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Neck – René Belloq (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Diving suit – The diving suit comes from a Chap Mei Deep Sea Adventure playset.
Knife – The knife comes from Sgt. Misha Zubenkov of the G.I. Joe Oktober Guard Comic 3 Pack.
Indy in diving suit, as pictured in “Shrine of the Sea Devil”, compare with the finished Indy custom (middle). To the right is the original diving suit that came with the playset.
I came across several underwater-themed playsets on sale, and one of the diving suits made me recall that Indy had worn a similar suit in the Indiana Jones comic “Shrine of the Sea Devil”. As the playsets were of the same scale as the Indy figures, I realised that can customise a figure of Indy in diving suit. The helmet and the collar were of one piece, whereas in the comic the helmet detaches from the collar. I cut off the helmet from the collar, and inserted pins below the helmet, making it possible to remove the helmet but still able to secure it back to the collar. The extra plastic straps on the suit was removed by using a dremel. The weights on the belt are pieces of plastic which I cut out individually and glued onto the belt. The head of the original figure is connected to the body via a peg joint, I transplanted a Belloq’s neck onto the peg joint as Indy’s head can also fit onto Belloq’s neck, and I had a couple of spare Belloq torsos. The two straps which criss-cross over the collar were also added. Lastly, Indy’s hair was painted dark brown.
The original diving suit figure came with an equipment holder attached to the right side of the belt. I decided to leave the holder there for the Indy custom as it seemed like a good place for Indy to put his diving knife.
And we have a special appearance here by the Diver from McFarlane’s Monsters “The Sea Creature” Playset ! Indy had just found the treasure chest, but his competitor appears branishing a knife. Defend yourself Indy! Use your knife!

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