Awesome Toy Collection – Year End Showhand

Oh my, even as I blog my rants and do my Indiana Jones customs, I still make the occasional toy purchases to add to my awesome collection. And so, at the end of the year I showcase some of the toys that I have not yet gotten around to blogging about.
From the recent “Star Trek” movie, this is the Original Spock, who had traveled into an alternate timeline and encounters the younger counterparts of his former Starfleet colleagues.
Marvel Universe Invaders 4-pack, a 2009 ComicCon Exclusive which is now available here. Captain America, Human Torch, and Namor, were part of a group of superheroes called the Invaders, who fought against the Nazis during World War II. The Red Skull is the sinister agent of the Nazis.
And continuing on with my interest in World War II, the Union Jack is the superhero from England who defended the British Isles against the Nazis.
From the Marvel Figure Factory, this is Doctor Doom, the dictator of Latveria. Wearing an iron mask to hide his scarred face, Doctor Doom seeks to gain power to conquer the world.
We have several Hulks here, from the movie “The Incredible Hulk”. Bruce Banner is standing between two of his alter egos, when Bruce gets angry he transforms into the raging uncontrollable Hulk. The Hulkbuster soldier serves as a punching bag for the green beast.
We now go to the DC Universe. I have bought this 6-inch Bizarro, who is the evil counterpart of Superman. When too many duplicates of Bizarro started to appear, the original Bizarro wore a plaque bearing “Bizarro #1” to distinguish himself from the rest.
And this is even more bizarre. While Bizarro is the evil version of Superman, Batman’s evil duplicate is this supervillian called “Batzarro”. Batzarro’s costume bears an upside-down bat logo, his ammo pouches are open and upside-down. Being a complete opposite of Batman, Batzarro smiles all the time, thinks out loud, and even calls himself “the world’s worst detective”.
From the recent movie “Terminator Salvation”, this is the T-600, a terminator with its rubber exterior roughly modeled after humans in an attempt by Skynet to infiltrate the human populace.
From Babylon 5: I have recently acquired the G’Kar on the right, which is a variant G’Kar, wearing a different coloured costume. I have the two G’Kars here for comparison.
We have here Goro, and Johnny Cage, two characters from the awesome video game “Mortal Kombat”. More specifically, these figures are modeled after their appearance in the movie of the same name.
This strange-looking alien astronaut caught my attention, and I simply had to buy it as there’s something about its appearance intrigued me, even though I have no idea on exactly which toy line it belonged to. After some research I have determined that it belonged to a Chap Mei space-themed playset.
But this figure even more intriguing. It appears to be some sort of nasty cyborg with muscles and skeletons incorporated within it, even its left arm is a rifle, complete with a scope ! Reminds me of the Body Worlds exhibits. The seller himself had no idea which toy line it belonged to, and I have yet to find any clues myself. If you know what is this figure, tell me about it ! [UPDATE: Figure identified! See comments for answers]
 And that’s a wrap ! Au revoir 2009, and Hello 2010 ! Have a Happy New Year !

One Response to Awesome Toy Collection – Year End Showhand

  1. proteus says:

    Hey man the f**ked up cyborg with the AK-47 arm is from the “Virus” movie toyline,the movie was based on a comic book published by Dark Horse in the 90s,the film isnt actually that bad,there are some great creature designs in it,not sure if its available on dvd. I think the figure you have is called alexei,and i think the toyline was made by Resaurus…but im not 100% on either of those!!!

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