Custom Indy Stuff – German motorcycle with sidecar

This Indy custom will be a bit different from my usual custom work, and it’s not even a figure, it’s a vehicle !
German motorcycle with sidecar from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”:
Indy and his Dad break out of their confines at Brunwald Castle, and they quickly commandeer a German motorcycle with sidecar to escape from the Nazis. Colonel Vogel sends four riders to chase after them, but Indy easily shakes them off, with his Dad less than impressed by his riding antics.
Hasbro’s German motorcycle with rider from “The Last Crusade”. Notice the peghole above the exhaust pipe.
Hasbro had released a German motorcycle from “The Last Crusade”, and it looked quite obvious that the motorcycle was intended to fit with a sidecar since there’s a peghole at the right side of the rear wheel. And when World Peacekeepers released a military motorcycle with sidecar, I immediately saw that it was possible for me to customise Indy’s getaway motorcycle by transplanting the sidecar over to the German motorcycle.
This is the World Peacekeepers military motorcycle with sidecar.
Modifications were made to the German motorcycle. The motorcycle drapes on the front wheel and the bundle of groundsheet at the rear were removed. Using plasticine and epoxy, I sculpted an additional seat that was placed behind the rider’s seat. As for the sidecar, sure enough there was a rear peg which fits exactly into the German motorcycle’s peghole. Attaching the sidecar to the motorcycle still required applying epoxy glue to fix the front peg into position. A piece of wood was stuck behind the sidecar to create a support for the spare wheel, and the spare wheel was made from the plastic cap of a small carton bottle, with the wheel cover printed out and pasted onto the cap. The machine gun stand was made out of pieces of plastic and toothpicks. A petrol jerry can was fashioned out of styrofoam and positioned between the motorcycle and the sidecar.
Rear view of the customized German motorcycle with sidecar.
The German motorcycle with sidecar is truly an awesome custom work. But for all its details, it still does not exactly match up with its onscreen counterpart. There’s an extra railing on the actual sidecar’s base, the motorcycle should have two exhaust pipes on each sides instead of one, and the number plates have a totally different numbering from the one in the movie. But I am quite happy with the custom that I had made, since it was a departure from my usual figure customs and yet it still compliments my customs collections.
And what do I do with the military motorcycle without its sidecar? I modify it to resemble the German motorcycle! Or I at least try, by fixing the groundsheet bundle onto the motorcycle’s rear seat. I still couldn’t figure out how to put the drapes over the front wheel without causing too much obstruction.
 The German rider can take this bike instead !
Indy and Dad on the run from the Nazis, with a German rider in close pursuit behind.

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