Custom Indy Stuff – The Ark Crate

Here’s another Indiana Jones custom that I know was within my ability to create, and that I have done !
The Ark Crate from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”:
The original crate comes from a Marvel Figure Factory “Doctor Doom” that I have specially bought to do this custom. Other customisers had either also used the same crate or they made the crate from scratch using wood. The Ark fits nicely into the crate. The wooden panels on the sides of the crate were downloaded from someone who has posted pictures of his work online, while I scanned the logo pictures from a Lucasarts Archive book, which had photos of the original crate prop. The wooden panels were printed out and pasted onto the crate using double-sided tape.
After Indy and Sallah descend into the Wells of Souls and locate the Ark of the Covenant,
they quickly placed the Ark within the wooden crate
and try to smuggle it away right under the Nazis’ noses. 
Belloq and the Nazis discover Indy’s clandestine activities and they take possession of the Ark.
Indy and Marion were imprisoned within the Wells of Souls, while the Nazis prepared to deliver the Ark to Hitler.
The crate was labeled “Property of the German Army”.
Indy and Marion escape from the Wells of Souls, and Indy soon steals back the Ark.
Indy attempts to smuggle the Ark out of Egypt via ship, and within the ship’s cargo hold,
the power of the Ark manifests itself by burning off the Nazi logo.

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