Custom Indy Stuff – Kazim’s Sten Gun

Oh my, I’d been rather busy with work lately and had little time to do any blog. Aussi, j’avais un test de francais à samedi dernier, and had therefore placed on myself a one-week moratorium from any Indiana Jones custom work just so that I can concentrate on preparing for my French test. All right, now that’s over, I went straight into making a custom item that had been on my mind since my earlier custom Indy figure showcase.
Kazim with gun (Photo from
In “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, Kazim shoots at Indy and Elsa with a Sten gun, which is recognisable by its distinctive side-mounted magazine. Therefore, I decided to create such a gun for my Kazim figure.
 Kazim with the customised Sten gun
The Sten gun (above), compared with the German MP40 gun (below).
The Sten gun was created by modifying a German MP40 gun (with extended stock) that came with the German Soldiers twin-pack. The Sten gun was mounted with a front suppressor, which I create by cutting off the gun barrel and replacing it with a piece of toothpick. The foresight was also transplanted over onto the suppressor. The magazine was cut out and pasted onto the side of the gun. The Sten gun had a solid stock instead of the folding stock. To create the stock, pieces of toothpick were pasted onto the existing stock, and then covered over with epoxy and sculpted into the stock shape. Lastly, gun metal paint was applied over all the added-on areas.
Personally, I think the final product looks real cool, since I’m adding some variety to my weapons.

One Response to Custom Indy Stuff – Kazim’s Sten Gun

  1. Sig Adams says:

    Just a heads up, the gun in the boat scene is not a STEN, but a Haenel-Schmeisser MP28 II

    It’s a similar 9mm sub machine gun with a side mounted magazine.

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