I want to criticize this bloody bitch

(Names have been changed so as to protect me from those who actually think that I am writing about them.)
There is this person, whose callous actions had pissed me off so much that it had even made me question my fundamental rationale of being such a nice, friendly, and helpful guy to all my friends and the people who know me.
About seven years ago, back in my university days, I was enrolled in my physics course, and one of my fellow coursemates is Mr. Xam, a friend whom I had known ever since primary school. Mr. Xam and I were also in the same secondary school and junior college, although frankly speaking I could not remember meeting him in JC as we did not bump into each other. Mr. Xam’s girlfriend, Miss Gone-Case, was also studying in the same university, and quite often I would have lunch with both of them, to catch up on the latest news and happenings.
Miss Gone-Case also gives tution, and it so happened that she was going to give some students tution on JC mathematics but she did not have the necessary materials to teach. Gone-Case asked me if I had any A-level statistics notes that I can lend her. And being such a helpful person that I am, I agreed to lend her my statistics notes, with the understanding that she would have to return them to me if I should need to use them.
Fine. Time passed, and both Mr. Xam and Gone-Cassie graduated first while I stayed on for one more year to do my Honours. And it so happened that in my last semester I signed up for a statistics course, and I thought that it would be useful to have my JC statistic notes to use as a reference. I contacted Mr. Xam, telling him to ask Gone-Cassie to return me my notes. However, apart from replying an "ok" sms, Mr. Xam did not seem to have done much of anything else to help me get my notes. On my part, I managed to find Gone-Cassie’s email address from one of her emails, and emailed her, asking her to maybe send my notes back to my address since she lives in Malaysia.
To my shock, Cassie replied saying that she had already passed my notes to Mr. Xam and was expecting him to return my notes to me. I confronted Mr. Xam about this. And then Mr. Xam mentioned that he had recently moved house and had lost my notes amongst his many boxes, and that he was unable to find them. As a result of all this ruckuss I was unable to refer to my statistics notes for the course, having my notes might have made the course easier to understand. In a final communique to Cassie, I scolded Cassie in a block letter sentence, saying that SHE SHOULD HAVE RETURNED MY NOTES TO ME DIRECTLY! Cassie only gave a half-hearted apology, saying that she thought that it would be easier for me to get my notes from Mr. Xam, now that the two of them are not together anymore.
And to this day I am still waiting for Mr. Xam to return me my notes. Ever since he graduated, Mr. Xam has moved on with his life. He had found jobs, changed jobs (at least twice that I know of), and even got married. I recently managed to reestablish contact with him via Facebook, reminding him to return my notes. Instead, he didn’t even offer to try to find them, or give me a possible timeframe to find them, still saying that my notes are lost among his stuff at his parents’ place and he cannot (or cannot be bothered to) find them. Personally, I feel that this incident had placed an unnecessary strain on my friendship with Mr. Xam, one that has dragged on far longer than it should have been allowed.
I have this fundamental belief that when you borrow something from someone, you must return the item to that person directly, or at least make sure that the person got the item back. This is basic courtesy. But somehow, my helpfullness to my friends has resulted in my statistics notes going missing, which made me question myself what’s the point of being so helpful. It did not further develop or strengthen my friendships but had instead brought me more trouble. My A-level statistics notes meant a lot to me, I wrote one whole bunch of equations in all sorts of colours during those memorable times of studying for A-levels. And I also hoped to use my notes to do some statistics surveys of my own, finding the average time or costs that kind of stuff.
And in all this, I somehow blame Cassie for not returning my notes to me directly. I am also her friend, she had my phone number, she could have easily called me to arrange a meeting. But no, she simply didn’t do that. She simply had to avoid me. This is madness. I don’t know why, or even pretend to know why, but quite often girls would avoid me for no reason at all. I know of someone whom I suspected decided not to take a particular bus to university so as to avoid bumping into me. On another occassion a JC acquaintance decided to sit somewhere else in the canteen just so that she would not be facing in my direction as I ate my lunch. But my notes going missing, that has got to be the worst case of "I simply have to avoid you for God knows what hell reason" as it resulted with my notes ending up in limbo, especially since it happened when I was only trying to be helpful.

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