Awesome Toy Collection: Aliens vs Predator – The Human Showcase

A friend of mine had brought to my attention that my previous toy showcase on Aliens vs Predator seemed to be missing the Human figures, so I’ll showcase them right here!
Ellen Ripley, the heroine in the Aliens film series. She wields the flamethrower, her signature weapon.
In the AvP comic series, a group of Space Marines was organised to deal with the Aliens threat.
This photo shows the Space Marines figures that I have: Drake, Ripley, the android Bishop, and Atax.
Time to clean up the mess! Drake and Bishop are currently engaged in combat with an Alien.
Somehow, Ripley holds a never-ending grudge against the Alien Queen,
angry at the uninvited Aliens for screwing up her career and her life.
When the going gets tough, the Marines send in the ATAX.
ATAX stands for Advanced Tactical Advantage Explorer, it disguises a human as an Alien,
allowing him to infiltrate an Alien colony and destroy the Alien Queen.
ATAX walks amongst the Aliens, drawing as little attention as possible.
For these Marines, it’s game over man! Alien facehuggers emerge from their eggs to implant an Alien embryo within the humans, which will gestate and burst out of their chests, becoming full-grown Aliens. Even Bishop lies in pieces now.

Awesome Toy Collection – New additions for Aliens vs Predator

The Aliens vs Predator toy line is a rather old toy series, they were based on the 1990s comic series of the same name and should not to be confused with the more recent releases associated with the new AvP films. Occasionally I will find some figures that I lack on sale, and I will collect them if I find the price affordable. Now here’s a showcase of two new additions to my awesome collection of Aliens vs Predator figures:
This is “Ambush Predator”, he appears transparent because he had activated his cloaking device, which bends light around him, making him invisible to the outside world. Unable to be detected, “Ambush” can stalk right up next to his prey and hunt it down.
You guys are the best! The Predators pose for a group photo. From the left: Renegade, Cracked Tusk, Ambush, and Scavage. For anyone who’s interested: Ambush has the same body sculpt as Renegade, only that he is transparent.
And I managed to find, at last after many years, the Alien Queen. She looks damned, horrible, and evil. Check out the tongue-head thing protruding out of its mouth. There is a button, when pressed, activates a mechanism which swings the Alien Queen’s tail at the enemy.
 The Aliens themselves pose for their group photo. Urgh, these guys are the worst! From left: Gorilla Alien, Flying Alien Queen, Warrior Alien, Alien Queen, Scorpion Alien, Snake Alien, and Bull Alien. These Xenomorphs take on the characteristics and abilities of the host creatures from which they hatch. The Predators consider hunting these vicious Aliens as a rite of passage, while these Aliens, they just want to infest you and use your body as a host to replicate themselves, killing you at the same time.

Custom Indy Figures – Jock Lindsey

Hi world! I have completed another Indiana Jones custom figure, and here’s a showcase:
#29: Jock Lindsey from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
In 1936, Indiana Jones hired the services of pilot Jock Lindsey, who flew Indy deep into the Peruvian jungle where Indy went on an expedition to search for an ancient Chachapoyan temple. Jock looked forward to spending a few lazy days fishing on his amphibious plane, until Indy came running back, pursued by dozens of Hovitos warriors for allegedly desecrating their ancestral temple. Seeing little choice, Jock threw away his fishing pole and started the engines.
Head – The head is the disguise head of Zartan (“G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra”)
Torso, jacket, belt, upper arms – Luke Skywalker (Yavin Ceremony) (“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”)
Lower arms, legs – Mutt Williams with snake (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Feet – Monkey Man (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Baseball cap – Modified from the army cap of German Soldier (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Many of my Indiana Jones custom figures were inspired by those made by Indy fans who posted pictures of their customs on an Indy internet forum. And in the case of Jock Lindsey, someone had created a Jock figure that bore a very close resemblance to the onscreen apperance of Jock. After ascertaining that I can procure the necessary parts at a reasonable price, I decided to proceed with this custom figure. The online fan had used the head of a particular Star Wars character for Jock’s head, but I decided that the spare Zartan head that I had served as a more suitable and cheaper substitute, no need to buy an all new figure just for its head.
A rather difficult part in making the Jock custom was in attaching the lower arms to the upper arms jacket sleeves. To create a snug fit, I decided to transplant the attaching pegs over to the lower arms, something that I had never done before, and there’s no gaurantee that it would work. The pegs were glued on using epoxy, and initially, one of the arm’s peg broke in the socket and I had to dig it out to glue it on again. I then decided to let the epoxy dry for more than one month to ensure that it is definitely set. The end result is that the lower arms fit snugly into the upper arms, and it looks real good. I can bend the elbows, but I decided against swiveling the lower arms as this risks the peg breaking off again.
After spending quite some time in figuring out the best way to put the words “AIR PIRATES” on Jock’s back, they were finally written on using a black ink pen.
The online Jock had his pants folded up to his knees. But in the movie, his pants were never folded up that far, and each leg had only one fold, which was exactly how Mutt William’s jeans looked. The Monkey Man’s feet were used for Jock, with the slipper straps dremeled off. Some dremeling was done on the army cap to convert it into a baseball cap. A “NY” symbol was painted onto the baseball cap. The hair and eyebrows were painted black. The collars were made out of bits of rubber strap and epoxy. Lastly, the nametag on the jacket was printed out and pasted onto the jacket.
Indy is most disturbed at the sight of Jock’s pet snake Reggie.
[UPDATE – 17 August 2013: I’ve revisited the figure to make some changes.]
A minor change for Jock, I have replaced the original feet (which originally came from Monkey Man with the sandal straps dremeled off), with the actual bare feet of an Ugha Warrior which I happened to have available as leftover custom fodder.

Someone that I'd really like to meet

There is someone who I always wished that I can get to meet her and be friend with. Miss A was a fellow student from another class back when I was studying in JC. Actually, Miss A is one of a pair of sisters who were studying together in JC, they were also known among friends as WAWE, an acronym of their initials. And why did I want to get to know Miss A? Well, frankly speaking, I thought that Miss A looked rather cool, something along the lines of an "Ice Queen". Just think of Jacelyn Tay, you’ll get the picture.
However, back then, I was more concerned with the worry that if I ever said something wrong to Miss A, she may become seriously offended and I may not even be able to talk to her again. Also, there was never an opportunity that Miss A could have got to know me. We were not in the same class, or the same ECA. She joined the Student Council. I didn’t even get pass the interview stage. We may be studying the same subjects in the same lecture hall, but I can say that I have never interacted with Miss A, or said anything to her. Somehow I thought that even the risks of making a self-introduction were too high. I felt that it was just too weird if I just came up to Miss A and try to start a conversation, especially when she doesn’t even know me. She might even think that I am trying to be funny or act like a fool.
So, I had to content myself with only being able to see Miss A at lectures during my two years of JC. I did my NS, and then university. And on and off, I still sometimes think of what if Miss A and I were friends. And in the meantime, I have come to realise that I really shouldn’t have to worry too much when it comes to making friends with girls. People make friends all the time, either with guys or girls. This is quite normal, all it takes is to overcome the initial shyness, don’t say wrong or stupid things, and be yourself, act natural.
And then one day, I attended the wedding of a friend, Mr. Newton, who works as a prudent financial advisor. And I thought that someone at the wedding looked like Miss A. Later at the wedding dinner, I found out that she WAS Miss A, she was a church friend of Mr. Newton who was helping to emcee at the dinner. By this point in my life, I now have the guts to introduce myself to Miss A during a break. Of course, she has never met me before, but now knows me as one of Mr. Newton’s friend. We chatted for a while, and I did give her my namecard.
I was rather happy to be able to see Miss A again after so many years. But in the following days, I found myself consumed with the idea that I should try to establish contact with Miss A. I had more or less been obsessed with this thought for over 10 years, and I can no longer afford to obsess over it for another decade. I asked Mr. Newton if he could arrange a meeting between me and Miss A, perhaps at some function which I can attend, and be properly introduced. I also asked if he could tell me anything more about her. Mr. Newton said that he would try, though I did detect a sense of unwillingness in his tone.
Nothing much happened for a few weeks, and then I got myself invited to a dinner party hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Newton to thank their wedding helpers, although Mr. Newton did tell me that Miss A would not be coming. At the party, I was hoping to inquire about Miss A from Mr. and Mrs. Newton, but they seemed to be too busy with attending to the other guests. Seeing that I would not be accomplishing much there, I was about to leave already when they realised that I was not getting what I came here for, now then they really speak to me.
Mr. Newton said he mentioned to Miss A that I would like to meet her, but she was not interested. That’s odd, I do not need Miss A’s permission in order to be introduced to her. But personally, I think that Mr. Newton’s attitude in conveying my request might have impressed upon Miss A wrongly. After all, Mr. Newton is renowned as a happy-go-lucky type of guy, there is something in the way he speaks that makes it sounds as if he is never serious in whatever he says, such that no one is ever sure whether he is either saying something important or he is making up a joke. I always wondered how he got a girlfriend in the first place with that kind of attitude. In addition, I also thought that, for someone who has already found some degree of happiness in his life, it was rather disappointing to see Mr. Newton quite so reluctant to be involved in helping out a friend make similar progress. Hey, I’m only trying to be friend with Miss A, not asking him to be a matchmaker.
On the other hand, Mrs. Newton did suggest that I try to contact Miss A via friending through her Facebook friends. I did that, and so far there has been no response to my invite, nor am I expecting such. Oh, btw, did I mention that I find Facebook to be a rather useless device? The only thing that Facebook is good for is to tell you how far your friends have progressed on with their lives through their profile photos, and getting yourself seriously upset by just looking at them, with their partners, their baby, or even their car, and realise how stagnated your life had become. And besides, who would want to click friends with someone you don’t even know or haven’t been introduced to?
Then I thought that perhaps I can visit Mr. Newton’s church so that I can get to meet Miss A, but almost immediately I killed that idea. I should know much better than try to fake my way into a church in order to get to know a girl, or her friends for that matter. Whatever else that I think it may be, the church is NOT a social club.
Ah heck. I still welcome whatever opportunity to get to meet Miss A, if fate ever allows it to happen, again. Life goes on, and I don’t intend to let my thoughts on Miss A dwell on my mind all the time. At least this time round I know that I have tried. Perhaps the only good I got from all of this is that my attitude towards making friends with girls had become much more optimistic than before. Cannot let the past hold you back, the future is yours to make.
P.S. One day I was walking through a shopping mall and thought I saw a familar face. On closer inspection, I recognised that she was not Miss A, but Miss E, her twin sister. I gave myself a smirk, it is always nice to see a familar face from your past, and it is always nicer if that person actually knows who you are.