Awesome Toy Collection – New additions for Aliens vs Predator

The Aliens vs Predator toy line is a rather old toy series, they were based on the 1990s comic series of the same name and should not to be confused with the more recent releases associated with the new AvP films. Occasionally I will find some figures that I lack on sale, and I will collect them if I find the price affordable. Now here’s a showcase of two new additions to my awesome collection of Aliens vs Predator figures:
This is “Ambush Predator”, he appears transparent because he had activated his cloaking device, which bends light around him, making him invisible to the outside world. Unable to be detected, “Ambush” can stalk right up next to his prey and hunt it down.
You guys are the best! The Predators pose for a group photo. From the left: Renegade, Cracked Tusk, Ambush, and Scavage. For anyone who’s interested: Ambush has the same body sculpt as Renegade, only that he is transparent.
And I managed to find, at last after many years, the Alien Queen. She looks damned, horrible, and evil. Check out the tongue-head thing protruding out of its mouth. There is a button, when pressed, activates a mechanism which swings the Alien Queen’s tail at the enemy.
 The Aliens themselves pose for their group photo. Urgh, these guys are the worst! From left: Gorilla Alien, Flying Alien Queen, Warrior Alien, Alien Queen, Scorpion Alien, Snake Alien, and Bull Alien. These Xenomorphs take on the characteristics and abilities of the host creatures from which they hatch. The Predators consider hunting these vicious Aliens as a rite of passage, while these Aliens, they just want to infest you and use your body as a host to replicate themselves, killing you at the same time.

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