Awesome Toy Collection: Aliens vs Predator – The Human Showcase

A friend of mine had brought to my attention that my previous toy showcase on Aliens vs Predator seemed to be missing the Human figures, so I’ll showcase them right here!
Ellen Ripley, the heroine in the Aliens film series. She wields the flamethrower, her signature weapon.
In the AvP comic series, a group of Space Marines was organised to deal with the Aliens threat.
This photo shows the Space Marines figures that I have: Drake, Ripley, the android Bishop, and Atax.
Time to clean up the mess! Drake and Bishop are currently engaged in combat with an Alien.
Somehow, Ripley holds a never-ending grudge against the Alien Queen,
angry at the uninvited Aliens for screwing up her career and her life.
When the going gets tough, the Marines send in the ATAX.
ATAX stands for Advanced Tactical Advantage Explorer, it disguises a human as an Alien,
allowing him to infiltrate an Alien colony and destroy the Alien Queen.
ATAX walks amongst the Aliens, drawing as little attention as possible.
For these Marines, it’s game over man! Alien facehuggers emerge from their eggs to implant an Alien embryo within the humans, which will gestate and burst out of their chests, becoming full-grown Aliens. Even Bishop lies in pieces now.

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