Something was very wrong with this conversation

There was once I had dinner with a group of my friends, we were together celebrating the birthdays of two of the girls in the group. All of us were eating and chatting, with me joining in their conversation every once in a while, when I find that I got something to add. But for most parts Mr. Chivalrous was hogging all of the attention, engrossed in his self-appointed role of providing entertainment to the girls present, by saying a lot of funny things and making quite the clown out of himself.
I always believe that it is a good idea to maintain a group of good friends, with a healthy mix of both guys and girls. These are people that you can go out with to eat dinner, watch movies, play badminton or bowling, or even go on holiday together. We can get to know more about one another, and who knows, perhaps you can get lucky and a girl may take a friendly interest in you and you can build a relationship with her. While I still allow for the possibility of “love at first sight”, it is always a good idea that you have some knowledge about the person you are interested in, and vice versa, and this can be done through interaction within a group of friends. I will be in deep trouble if I were to go up to each and every girl that I know and tell her that I’m interested in her. Even I will grow suspicious if some girl that I hardly know was to suddenly express an interest in me. But if we can first know each other as friends, I would be able to gauge for myself whether the girl that I’m interested in is suitable for me.
For reasons that I will not go into, I have already determined that none of those girls will ever think of me as a possible life partner no matter how much more kindness or friendliness that I show towards them. Nevertheless, I still consider them as good friends, and anyway I continue to keep that option open.
Okay, back at that dinner. I was trying my best to be as friendly as I had always been amongst friends. But Mr. Chivalrous’ topics of discussion has no holds barred, and then suddenly he was laughing and joking about the marital status of his friends, such as so-and-so are getting married, who’s just found a girlfriend, or boyfriend. He seems to think that it is very funny to reason out why someone is still single, or why someone took such a long time to get attached. And soon enough he was questioning those present as to how are they with their love life, with the obvious intentions of making a joke out of whatever answer that he gets.
And just when I thought that Mr. Chivalrous was asking me when am I getting a girlfriend, I simply stood up and left the table. I was already rather upset that despite all my effort, there had been no progress in my trying to develop relations with any of the girls, and I have no intentions of blowing my chances with them by saying what I actually felt either. For some strange reason, there is a tendency for girls to be scared away once they find out that someone had an interest in them. There is no way that I am going to let Mr. Chivalrous joke at my expense.
When I returned from the restroom, thankfully the conversation had moved on to some other topic.
I don’t know, but I do not apologise for being the optimistic person that I am. You’ll never know unless you try, and the last time I checked, there is no crime in trying to find someone to like. And people like Mr. Chivalrous can either say something supportive for a change rather than get a perverse thrill from such a sensitive matter, or he can just shut his foul-mouth up. Nobody is going to think that he is mute anyway.

Awesome Toy Collection: Iron Man 2

“Iron Man 2” is the latest Marvel Comics film to hit the theaters, and I have decided to hype myself up in anticipation of watching the new film, by collecting the newly released 3.75″ “Iron Man 2” figures. This line of figures features the various Iron Man armours that appeared in both the first Iron Man film and its sequel, as well as several incarnations of Iron Man as he appeared in the comics, with some of his arch-adversaries thrown in. There are also a couple of concept Iron Man armours which do not appear either on film or in comics.
Tony Stark, genius inventor and playboy millionaire, was given a new purpose in life after he escaped from being kidnapped by terrorists, by designing and wearing a suit of armour and blasting his way to freedom. Perfecting his armour, Stark decides to become a superhero, using his alter ego of Iron Man to combat against any threats to the security of America or the world.
Behold! My awesome collection of Iron Man 2 figures, with a special appearance of my Iron Man mask, and the arc reactor. There are 20 figures plus 1 variant, and I would be getting a few more other figures, as soon as they are available for sale. Good thing that I am not going to collect every one of the 30+ figures in this line, as I am not interested in most of the concept series since in my opinion, they do not exist as they have never appeared on any media.
I AM IRON MAN ! Or at least, the guy who is standing next to me seems to thnk so.

Awesome Toy Collection: Marvel Universe – Captain America & Bucky

In the past year or two, the toy company Hasbro had been releasing numerous waves of 3.75″ (inch) action figures based on Marvel Comics characters, and I have purchased a handfull of them, a couple of characters that I have always had an interest in. And I thought that I shall start off a showcase of my Marvel Universe figures, beginning with these two dynamic duo:
It’s Captain America! During World War II, Steve Rogers, eager to enlist in the US Army despite being found physically unfit, he volunteers to be a test subject for an experimental super-soldier serum, which transforms him into a physically enhanced superhero with superhuman strength. Donning a costume of patriotic colours, Captain America now joins in the fight for freedom and justice against the Nazis and their allies. This is a sculpt of Captain America as he first appeared in 1941.
Captain American is joined by his sidekick Bucky! When Bucky accidentally finds out Captain America’s real identity, the only way for Captain America to keep Bucky’s silence was to grant him his wish, and that is to train him up and let him fight alongside his favourite idol! Bucky proves to be an invaluable ally for Captain America, with his agility and fighting skills.
And Bucky comes with… two Tommy guns! I’m not sure whether Bucky ever even used two Tommy guns at the same time in the comics. And I thought both Captain America and Bucky fought all their fights with their bare hands.
This is the front cover of the March 1941 issue of Captain America #1 in which both Captain America and Bucky made their first appearances. Note that at that time, the United States had not yet entered into World War II. But that didn’t stop comic artists from envisioning how the war should be ended. A study of the cover reveals some interesting details: The helmeted German soldier is using an American Tommy gun. Both Hitler and the foreground soldier are wearing the Nazi armband on their right arms, when most of the times the armbands are worn on the left, just like the background colonel. The foreground soldier also seems to be left-handed.
And this is a scene which I had wanted to make for a long time, a reconstruction of the cover page using my action figures. The German soldiers come from the Indiana Jones toyline, while Hitler and the background colonel are two of my Indy customs.  Captain America breaks into a German bunker and gives Hitler a punch in the face, all the while dodging the bullets fired at him. And Bucky is doing a salute at the camera.