Awesome Toy Collection: Marvel Universe – Captain America & Bucky

In the past year or two, the toy company Hasbro had been releasing numerous waves of 3.75″ (inch) action figures based on Marvel Comics characters, and I have purchased a handfull of them, a couple of characters that I have always had an interest in. And I thought that I shall start off a showcase of my Marvel Universe figures, beginning with these two dynamic duo:
It’s Captain America! During World War II, Steve Rogers, eager to enlist in the US Army despite being found physically unfit, he volunteers to be a test subject for an experimental super-soldier serum, which transforms him into a physically enhanced superhero with superhuman strength. Donning a costume of patriotic colours, Captain America now joins in the fight for freedom and justice against the Nazis and their allies. This is a sculpt of Captain America as he first appeared in 1941.
Captain American is joined by his sidekick Bucky! When Bucky accidentally finds out Captain America’s real identity, the only way for Captain America to keep Bucky’s silence was to grant him his wish, and that is to train him up and let him fight alongside his favourite idol! Bucky proves to be an invaluable ally for Captain America, with his agility and fighting skills.
And Bucky comes with… two Tommy guns! I’m not sure whether Bucky ever even used two Tommy guns at the same time in the comics. And I thought both Captain America and Bucky fought all their fights with their bare hands.
This is the front cover of the March 1941 issue of Captain America #1 in which both Captain America and Bucky made their first appearances. Note that at that time, the United States had not yet entered into World War II. But that didn’t stop comic artists from envisioning how the war should be ended. A study of the cover reveals some interesting details: The helmeted German soldier is using an American Tommy gun. Both Hitler and the foreground soldier are wearing the Nazi armband on their right arms, when most of the times the armbands are worn on the left, just like the background colonel. The foreground soldier also seems to be left-handed.
And this is a scene which I had wanted to make for a long time, a reconstruction of the cover page using my action figures. The German soldiers come from the Indiana Jones toyline, while Hitler and the background colonel are two of my Indy customs.  Captain America breaks into a German bunker and gives Hitler a punch in the face, all the while dodging the bullets fired at him. And Bucky is doing a salute at the camera.

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