Awesome Toy Collection: Iron Man 2

“Iron Man 2” is the latest Marvel Comics film to hit the theaters, and I have decided to hype myself up in anticipation of watching the new film, by collecting the newly released 3.75″ “Iron Man 2” figures. This line of figures features the various Iron Man armours that appeared in both the first Iron Man film and its sequel, as well as several incarnations of Iron Man as he appeared in the comics, with some of his arch-adversaries thrown in. There are also a couple of concept Iron Man armours which do not appear either on film or in comics.
Tony Stark, genius inventor and playboy millionaire, was given a new purpose in life after he escaped from being kidnapped by terrorists, by designing and wearing a suit of armour and blasting his way to freedom. Perfecting his armour, Stark decides to become a superhero, using his alter ego of Iron Man to combat against any threats to the security of America or the world.
Behold! My awesome collection of Iron Man 2 figures, with a special appearance of my Iron Man mask, and the arc reactor. There are 20 figures plus 1 variant, and I would be getting a few more other figures, as soon as they are available for sale. Good thing that I am not going to collect every one of the 30+ figures in this line, as I am not interested in most of the concept series since in my opinion, they do not exist as they have never appeared on any media.
I AM IRON MAN ! Or at least, the guy who is standing next to me seems to thnk so.

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