Custom Marvel Universe Figure – Baron Zemo

I have customized a Marvel Universe figure ! And he is Baron Zemo, an evil Nazi scientist who was once one of Captain America’s greatest foe !
Baron Heinrich Zemo was one of Hitler’s most brillant scientist, he wore a face hood to hide his identity. Among the weapons of mass destruction that he had invented includes the “death ray” gun, and Adhesive X, an unremovable permanent adhesive which was accidentally poured over Zemo’s head during a fight with Captain America. Driven into an insane rage now that the hood could no longer be removed, Baron Zemo had several more confrontations with Captain America, culminating in an encounter near the war’s end in which Zemo thought that he had at last killed the Captain. Zemo went into hiding in South America, until he heard of Captain America’s return from suspended animation some two decades later. Zemo’s determination to kill Captain America continued nevertheless, and in a final fight Zemo was at last defeated when his death ray gun caused a landslide which killed him.
Head – Comes from the spare head of the G.I. Joe SDCC 2008 Cobra Commander, whose main body was used for making Toht
Rest of the body – Marvel Universe Bulldozer
The “skirt” – Modified from that of Mace Windu (“Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace”)
I had previously purchased a 6″ Baron Zemo, and have always had the thought of customizing a 4″ Baron Zemo figure which would be compatible with the Marvel Universe Captain America, as well as the rest of the other figures from this line. However, I had not come across a suitable body sculpt upon which to build upon the Baron Zemo custom. That was, until I bought the Marvel Universe Secret Wars two-pack of The Thing & Bulldozer, more specifically for only collecting The Thing figure. I had little interest for Bulldozer, a rather obscure Marvel Universe villain, and was thinking of perhaps selling it away. It was then I realised that Bulldozer was the perfect figure for me to customize Baron Zemo out of it.
Marvel Legends 6″ Baron Zemo         One last pose from Bulldozer
Bulldozer had this flat collar thing over his shoulders and chest, onto which I can apply epoxy to sculpt Zemo’s fur jacket collar. Epoxy was also used to sculpt the fur trousers rings and the belt. The belt was glued to Mace Windu’s skirt, a leftover from my previous Indiana Jones customs. Another piece of Mace Windu’s skirt was used as the belt buckle. A customizer who showcased his Baron Zemo custom on the internet had used a Cobra Commander head for his Zemo, and I so happened to have one leftover from my previous customs. Finally, the required colours were painted onto the custom, with purple for the body suit, white for the fur sections, brown for the boots, gold for the belt and crown, and rose brown for the face hood.
A comparison between the 6″ Baron Zemo (left) and my custom Baron Zemo (right).
I have also specially created a golden baton for my custom figure.
Captain America and Bucky face-off with Baron Heinrich Zemo.
Well, one thing that isn’t so accurate about the Baron Zemo custom is that, he appears to be too tall when compared to the other Marvel Universe figures. In fact, Zemo is at least one head taller than Captain America, when in the comics they are of similar height. In addition, I don’t think that Zemo was ever that muscular and well-built. But I am quite satisfied in having created yet another Nazi villian custom figure. There’s another diabolical Marvel Universe Nazi adversary that’s on my custom plans, let’s see if I ever get around to that.

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