Custom Indy Figures – Chattar Lal

Hello world ! A recent renewed interest in Indiana Jones has allowed me to gain the inspiration to continue with some of my half-finished Indy custom works as well as proceed with several of my other planned customs. And here I present the latest addition to my awesome Indiana Jones custom figures.
#31: Chattar Lal from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”
Chattar Lal was the Prime Minister of the Pankot Palace when Indiana Jones arrived at Pankot to investigate accusations of Thuggee cult activities. Unbeknownst to Indy, Chattar Lal was a willing acolyte of the Thuggee cult, and shortly after Indy was captured and brainwashed into beliving in the cult, Chattar Lal and Indy joined in the sacrificial ceremony of Willie Scott.
Head – Cloud City Wing Guard (“Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”)
Torso and skirt – Cairo Henchman (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Arms, legs, sash and knife – Monkey Man (“Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
A recently released Star Wars figure had an evil-looking face which I thought resembled that of Chattar Lal. And since I could readily obtain the other parts required for creating Chattar Lal, I decided to proceed with this custom. Epoxy was used to sculpt the robe on the torso, and it was also used for attaching the sash onto the torso. The sash itself was cut from the Monkey Man’s inner vest. A difficult part to making this custom was in trying to mix the Indian skin colour and painting the face. As a general rule, I try to avoid painting on the face as this is very risky. It is very difficult to rectify if the eyes were accidentally painted over, and it was also very troublesome to paint the eyebrows. The necklaces are pieces of cut paper glued onto the thread, and the beads are one of those beaded keychain rings.
 Thuggee group photo shoot !
From left: Thuggee Swordsman, Chattar Lal, Thuggee Acolyte, High Priest Mola Ram,
Chief Temple Guard, and a generic Temple Guard
 The Thuggees were no match for Indy and his loyal sidekick Short Round.

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