Custom Indy Figures – Indiana Jones in German officer disguise

A unique opportunity has allowed me to proceed with this Indy custom figure, which initially I had not expected to create.
#32: Indiana Jones in German officer disguise from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”
After escaping from captivity with his Dad, Indiana Jones went to Berlin, in order to retrieve his Dad’s Grail diary, which contained clues vital to the search for the Holy Grail. The diary had been stolen by Dr. Elsa Schneider, the female Austrian Nazi who had hoodwinked both Indy and his Dad. Disguised as a German officer, Indy confronts Elsa during a Nazi rally, and takes the diary back from her.
Head – Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Neck – RPG Indiana Jones (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Hat – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)
Rest of the body – Came from a Century Soldier German Officer
A series of 1:18 scale WWII German soldiers went on sale recently, and being a history buff myself, I bought the set of six German soldiers for my own collection, perhaps even to display alongside my Indiana Jones figures since they are of compatible scale. Shortly thereafter, I realised that one of the German officer wears the exact uniform that Indiana Jones wore for disguise in “The Last Crusade”, this figure could serve as the perfect base to customise an Indy in German officer disguise. And it so happened that I already had the head and hat parts available as spares, leftovers from my earlier customs.
The head of the original figure was removed, and the remaining neck was dremeled away, to create the socket to implant the neck. The neck itself was cut out from a spare Indy torso, with its sides dremeled down to fit into the neck socket. Acrylic was used to glue the neck down. Most of the other work consisted of changing or adding additional details and the paintjob on the uniform. You cannot believe exactly how many details I had to take into account in order to make the uniform as screen-accurate as possible to my own satisfaction, these include the rank insignias, epulets, badge on the hat, additional badges on the left pocket, button colours, the ribbon on the shirt button, and even the red edges on the hat. I don’t think that anyone else would ever pay attention to so much details when it comes to customising a 1:18 scale figure.
A close-up of the finished custom figure.
Imagine trying to paint that hat badge, and the collar ranks. At 1:18 scale, it’s not easy.
“You came back … for the book ?!!”
After retrieving the Grail diary, Indy tries to get away but he gets pushed into the rally by a crowd, where Indy bumps into the German dictator Adolf Hitler. Hitler assumes that Indy was just another Nazi follower, and he promptly signs his autograph into the diary.
[EDIT 9 March 2017: Changed the links to the 1:18 WWII German Soldiers as the previous ones led to a company which no longer exists.]

2 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – Indiana Jones in German officer disguise

  1. Flaming Goddess says:

    Where did you get the body? A link would help out with the making of this figure, the link for the body does not work, thank you for your time, I hope to see the link there soon, it is critical for the making of this figure.

    Sincerely, A fellow figure costumizer

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