The worst field trip. Ever.

Several Saturdays ago, a family friend by the name of Mdm. Trim, invited me to go on a field trip, to visit an organic farm in Johor, along with a couple of other tourist locations. It was suggested to me that the field trip would be an opportunity for me to get to know some of the other friends and acquintances that Mdm. Trim had managed to drag along for this excursion, namely people who are often too preoccupied with their work or other activities to ever have had the time to meet new friends. Personally, I am never against meeting new friends, and quite so eagerly I accepted the offer.
And before the field trip, Mdm. Trim suggested that I should do some sort of makeover. Apart from buying a new, expensive branded shirt to wear, I also went for a haircut, for Mdm. Trim advised that my previous smart, center-parting hairstyle was rather old-fashioned and tended to scare away people (?). And I was recommended to get a new spiky hairstyle which I thought looked like a cross between a Mohawk and a conehead, but it was assured to me that this new style was much more attractive to people than the earlier one.
We assembled at the meeting point in the school, where I introduced myself to the guys and girls that Mdm. Trim had invited for the field trip. Occasionally I would try to start a conversation, but most of the time the girls tended to only cluster and talk among themselves. Any conversation that I initiated was quickly ended by a one or two word reply from her. And it wasn’t helped much when I was assigned to sit next to a Malay girl for the entire bus trip, whom I had no interest in getting to know. In addition, one of the girls looked like she was already going steady with a guy who also came for the trip. I thought it smarter that I should no longer distrub them.
In fact, during lunchtime, the entire conversation was hogged by some guy who was boasting about his experience of having climbed up to the base camp of Mount Everest. I don’t even think that I had the opportunity to say much during lunch. I wonder if my experience of having climbed Mount Kinabalu would have impressed anybody, should I have bragged or boasted about it, before someone else does about some mountain higher.
And for the dinner, I was not seated next to any of the girls again. This time I was between Mdm. Trim, and some guy. Hey, look. I got no interest in knowing guys, it will not be very helpful to me. And Mdm. Trim was taking photos of people around the table, girls posing as sisters, guy with girl. But for me, it simply had to be with some guy that I had no interest in seating next to, leading me to comment that "you have got to be kidding me."
As the bus returned to Singapore, I was hoping that, perhaps after getting off the bus, I could exchange contact details with the girls, or maybe even offering to drive them home. Instead, what happened was that, just before the bus entered the school gates, the girls quickly got off the bus already, and were quickly saying goodbyes and moving off in their separate directions!
Arghhh! Screw the whole thing! It is not as though I didn’t try, I did go for the trip after all. But pretty much nothing happened in my favour. Nevertheless, I still welcome whatever opportunity to get to meet potential friends, and I would still continue to accept outing invitations from Mdm. Trim, of course, provided that she can remember to invite me to join in a dinner outing with friends at some Orchard restaurant that she actually thinks that I would never find out.
But I’m keeping the hairstyle, while it lasts.

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