Custom Indy Figures – Captain Phillip James Blumburtt

“Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” often gets a bad rap for being among one of the darker Indy movies, but I sure find lots of  inspiration from this movie to do my custom figures!

#42: Captain Philip James Blumburtt from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

Captain Phillip James Blumburtt is an officer of the 11th Poona Rifles, a unit of the British Indian Army. In 1935, Captain Blumburt and his men had arrived in Pankot Province on a routine inspection tour, and Blumburtt was invited to the royal dinner at Pankot Palace, which was also attended by Indiana Jones, Short Round and Willie Scott. Blumburtt listened with interest to the conversation between Indy and Pankot Prime Minister Chattar Lal, in which Indy insinuated that the evil Thuggee cult was on a resurgence at the palace. Captain Blumburtt does not appear again until the end of the movie when Blumburtt and his men arrived just in time to rescue Indy and his friends and defeat the remaining Thuggee guards.

Head – Dragonsky (G.I. Joe)
Rest of the body – Dovchenko (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)
Hilt of the sword – Comes from the sword of Mutt Williams with sword (“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”)

For the customisation of Captain Blumburtt, I used a new technique which converts a head with a swivel neck joint to one that can fit onto a ball joint neck. This involved using the dremel to hollow out the head, until the head can be appropiately plugged onto the ball neck joint. Dragonsky had a suitably bald head which I modified to resemble Blumburtt by using epoxy to sculpt the hair that was still remaining, and painting on the moustache. Most of the figure comes from Dovchenko, whose Soviet army uniform I modified by using epoxy to sculpt the lapels, tie, and pockets. A small piece of rubber tie was used to create the badge above the left chest pocket. Blumburtt’s sword is actually made by attaching the hilt of Mutt’s sword onto a short length of plastic stick, which itself was originally the antenna of a World Peacekeeper military motorcycle.

Here’s a picture of Blumburtt wearing his pith helmet complete with helmet strap. The helmet comes from Sgt. Misha Zubenkov of G.I. Joe, and I am sharing the helmet between Blumburtt and another of my customs Peruvian Belloq.

Another picture of Blumburtt, this time sans helmet. Blumburtt only appears in his service uniform at the end of “Temple of Doom”, in his earlier appearance during the palace dinner, he was wearing his dress uniform. So, you don’t really see Blumburtt in his service uniform with his helmet off.

I’d like to point out a slight inaccuracy here. The sword has a different hilt from that which appears in the movie, which has a basket-shape guard. Given that Blumburtt’s sword only appears fleetingly for a fraction of a second onscreen, I hope nobody would notice that much.

“Good to be of service to you, sir.”

Just one more:

Here we have two Mutt Williams from “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. From left: Mutt Williams with sword, and Mutt Williams with snake. Note that in KOTCS, Mutt Williams never appear without his black leather jacket. So we do not actually see Mutt only with his T-shirt and jeans, except perhaps during the behind-the-scenes interviews on the KOTCS DVDs. Mutt Williams with snake is a useful custom fodder for figures with bare forearms.


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