Custom Indy Figures – Cigarette Girl

Here I showcase another of my awesome Indiana Jones custom figure !

#43: Cigarette Girl from “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

The Cigarette Girl was going about her nightly routine of selling cigarettes to the patrons of Club Obi Wan when Indiana Jones arrived for an artifact exchange with the crimelord Lao Che. However, the negotiations went awry, and gunfire and pandemonium brokeout, resulting in mass chaos. The Cigarette Girl struggled to maintain an air of decorum even as people were running all around her. Unfortunately, Indy, already delirious after having drunk a poisonous beverage and receiving a punch from Lao Che’s henchman, he sees the Cigarette Girl and mistakes her to be another one of Lao Che’s associates, and proceeds to attack the Cigarette Girl likewise, punching her in the face and sending packets of cigarettes flying across the dancefloor.

Head – Beru Whitesun (“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”)
Torso and legs – Padme Amidala (“Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones”)
Arms – Leesub Sirln (“Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”)

The Cigarette Girl is another background character in “Temple of Doom” that I saw fit to customise. Originally, I had purchased Beru Whitesun as a possible substitute for Willie Scott’s head in this custom. In the end I acquired another Willie Scott for the head, so Beru became available for use as custom fodder. After deciding on creating the Cigarette Girl figure, I determined that Beru’s face best resembled that of the Cigarette Girl. Padme Amidala is an often-used figure among customisers when it comes to creating the female form in dress, and Leesub Sirln provided the pair of bare female arms for the figure.

The Cigarette Girl wears an outrageous amount of deco on her head which includes flowerings on her hair, an identical flower serves as her right earring, while on her left ear is a dangling black strand from a black earring. Epoxy was used to sculpt the dress top, and a black-white armband was painted around her upper left arm. For accessory I have made a tray out of paper and rubber tie, and the tray comes along with paper cigarette packs.

She had it coming. For selling cigarettes and promoting the nasty habit of smoking,
the Cigarette Girl got what she deserved.

Club Obi Wan ensemble. From left: Lao Che, Cigarette Girl, Tuxedo Indy, Gong Striker, and Red Dress Willie. And there will be more to join this particular diorama, once I find the time and inspiration to get around to them.

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