Custom Indy Figures – Member of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword

Hi world, here is the latest showcase of my custom Indiana Jones figures!

#44: Member of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

The Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword is a secret society loyal to the Holy Grail and dedicated to protecting it from discovery and misuse. When the Nazis sent a convoy headed for the Canyon of the Crescent Moon where the Grail Temple was said to be hidden, the Brotherhood made their last stand and launched an attack on the convoy. Unfortunately, the Brotherhood were faced with overwhelming firepower and were ultimately defeated.

Head – Rebel Commando (“Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”)
Arms – German Soldier (Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Torso and skirt – Cairo Henchman (Raiders of the Lost Ark”)
Legs – Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars: Clone Wars” animated series)
Robe and turban – Map Room Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark”)

Several customisers have showcased their very own Brotherhood followers on the the Indiana Jones forum, and I too have been inspired to make my very own Brotherhood member by following their recipe. However, I decided that I must find the most suitable head to serve as the face for my figure. And that I found in one of the recent Star Wars releases, the rebel commando. I thought that his bad-ass moustache and goatee resembled those of the Brotherhood followers in the film. In fact, someone else on the Indy forum was using the rebel commando’s head for a German officer, which first brought him to my attention. (I have my doubts on whether the Nazis would have tolerated an unshaven Aryan amongst its ranks though.)

The turban was transplanted to the rebel commando’s head, actually in two separate pieces – the headpiece and the hanging chin piece. The legs were leftover custom fodder which, transplanted under the skirt, would not be visible anyway. The bandolier came from a True Heroes army playset, and the cruciform sword insignia is painted on the turban with a gold pen.

Kazim and a Brotherhood member prepare for their holy struggle against the Nazis.

Despite having the element of surprise, the Brotherhood was seriously outmatched by the Nazis.

Donovan, Vogel, and Elsa look upon a fallen Brotherhood member.

Just one more:

[UPDATE – 31 January 2014: Colonel Vogel v2.0 has received his very own showcase! Please click here to view]

And I call the figure on the right “Vogel 2.0”. I have made some modifications to the original “Colonel Vogel” figure (on the left) so that he would be more accurate to his onscreen appearance. These include painting the Nazi insignia on the armband, as well as adding a pair of goggles to Vogel’s hat. The goggles previously belonged to a Star Wars figure. Due to the need for political correctness, Hasbro had left the armband unpainted. In fact, the words on the cuff should read “Adolf Hitler”, instead it had been changed to “Deutchland”, which was a different SS regiment altogether.


2 Responses to Custom Indy Figures – Member of the Brotherhood of the Cruciform Sword

  1. Justin Blessing says:

    I doubt you’d believe me but I used to be a freelance sculptor back when these indy toys were produced and I was the one who sculpted the Col. Vogel figure. It would pain everyone to know that I originally had the swastika sculpted on the armband and also had him with his collared shirt and neck tie but the designers at hasbro made me remove the swastika on the band and also made me give him his desert scarf instead. Also they had me scribe the stripe down the side of his pants to adhere to his “Africa corps” painted uniform. I’m a huge WWII buff and I jumped at the chance to sculpt Vogel so I was very meticulous about geting his uniform right. In the end though the Hasbro office dinks made me change it from the cooler black SS uniform to the less awesome desert get up and removing the swastika altogether. I did make sure to include the skull and crossbones on the visor hat, I was certain they would ask me to remove that as well but it squeaked through much to my surprise. Nice custom work, I’m glad that you were able to easily transform his desert uniform into his allgemiene SS black uniform.

    • Tommy Lin says:

      Hi! It’s great to hear from you about the backstory of the Col. Vogel figure.
      I often lurk around The Raven forum, which is an Indiana Jones internet message board, and that’s the place where I get all my inspiration to create my custom figures, especially from this thread where everyone was posting pictures of their custom Indiana Jones figures. You are invited to check it out.

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