Custom Indy Figures – SS Officer

“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” is the third Indiana Jones movie, it returned to the original formula of the first movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in having the Nazis as the principal enemies. Here I showcase one of the characters from “The Last Crusade”.

#45: SS Officer from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

Indy had arrived at Brunwald Castle in search of his father, who was held captive somewhere in the castle. Indy locates the room and breaks into it, and his dad was quite happy to see him and assume that his Grail diary was in a safe place far away from the Nazis. After some quick catching-up, the two were confronted by the SS Officer and his men, who at gunpoint demanded that Indy hand over the diary from his jacket. Immediately, an argument ensues between Indy and his dad, and the SS guards were sufficiently distracted that Indy was able to snatch the machine gun away from the SS Officer and use it to shoot the SS Officer and the guards.

The whole figure – Came from a Century Soldier German Officer
Belt buckle & totenkopf (death’s head) on the visor cap – Colonel Vogel (“Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”)

This is a straightforward custom which involved mostly a repaint of an existing figure, with the addition of a couple of extra features.

The original figure is on the left, and the completed custom is on the right. Vogel’s totenkopf was transplanted to the front of the visor cap. The collar insignias were repainted, with the “SS” insignia on the right collar, and the 4-pips rank on the left collar (It represents the rank of Sturmbannführer, equivalent to the rank of Major.) The eagle insignia originally above the right breast pocket was sliced out and transplanted onto the left shoulder. A black ribbon was painted to the middle shirt button. The belt buckle was replaced with Vogel’s belt buckle. Several pegs holes on the original figure have been filled in with epoxy. A black cuffband was painted on the lower left sleeve. The original figure was bald, so I have painted on the character’s white hair. The shoulder straps were repainted white, and the entire uniform was repainted in an appropiate green color as seen onscreen.

“Doktor Jones, I will take zee book now!”

SS Officer and his boss, Colonel Vogel. Black uniform Vogel is an earlier custom of mine.

Just one more:

Here we have a comparison between Colonel Vogel, and Marvel Universe’s Red Skull, who is part of SDCC 2009 Invaders 4-pack exclusive. Red Skull is a repaint of Vogel’s sculpt, since the Red Skull was a Nazi villian the toy company Hasbro decided to use an existing sculpt of Vogel’s Nazi uniform for the Red Skull, although I have my doubts on whether the Red Skull had ever worn that particular uniform design in the comics.


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